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Squid Punk

It almost sounds like a band-name, doesn’t it? This particular piece of mer-attitude rose from the sea determined to prove that you don’t have to make any sort of unpleasant deals to gain legs. Learn the spells yourself!

“It’s all very well and fine, floating about in the sea, summoning jellyfish to play with, but eventually it gets boring.” The summoning horn is by T R I D E N T Jewelry and you can gain the possession of it in Shadow’s Claw of Fantasy Faire. The squid shell that I absolutely had to get is by Panda Express and available in Siren’s Secret. Goody-two-fins mermaids can keep their tails!

“Even the fact that your perfect hair matches with your shell brings you no joy, shiny lights seem dull…” The hair is one of the RFL-items by Wasabi Pills, Hawk2 in crystal violet. Hawk2 and Hawk (without the braids in front) were released for Fantasy Faire, both the RFL crystal versions and the normal colours can be found  in The Tides.

“The shinies of the world above are much more intriguing!” Obviously when a creature of such attitude as the squid sorceress gains legs, she adorns them with kick-ass wanderlust-boots by Lassitude & Ennui. You can grab these purple ones from her RFL-vendor in Jungle Bungle. The summoning horn has been changed into a belt version to keep it easily available.

“And now this jungle is mine! No, I will not cackle. ‘s bad manners.”  The punksy Teeloh-hair is another new release by Wasabi Pills, also available in the Faire. Perfect for those kick-ass moods. The wisteria-skin by The Plastik is one of the exclusive elven ones she has in her booth in the Ruins of Nu Orne and I decorated it with an awesome freebie tattoo by Favourite Genes. You can find the gift in Siren’s Secret.

The squid sorceress swam about in the seas of Siren’s Secret, then rose to land to conquer the jungle of Nu Orne.

Squid Sorceress:

Fantasy Faire: Skin: The Plastik – Aleria://Elven-Wisteria;Hellish | Eyes: The Plastik – Aleria Collection;//Hypnotique-Pur | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Hawk2 Crystal Violet | Shell: Panda Express – Nautilust Violence | Horn: T R I D E N T Jewelry – Trident Triton Horn II F | Tattoo: Favourite Genes – FF Arcane Tat Body 

Other Credits: Pasties: Cynful – Skull Pasties | Poses: Olive Juice – Sassy 4 / D.Luxx – Vogue 10

Punk Sorceress: 

Fantasy Faire: Skin: The Plastik – Aleria://Elven-Wisteria;Hellish | Eyes: The Plastik – Aleria Collection;//Hypnotique-Pur | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Teeloh Orchid | Belt: T R I D E N T Jewelry – Trident Triton Horn II Belt F | Tattoo: Favourite Genes – FF Arcane Tat Body | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Wanderlust Purple

Other Credits: Pasties: Cynful – Skull Pasties | Pants: Sn@tch – Backstage Croc Pants Purple | Poses: Astalianda – Up 2 / Niqotine Poses – KMGM18 (Point)


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