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Captain Ferret and the Jungle Bungles

Never enough time to bang your drum? Bored and lonely? In desperate need of a good laugh? Worry not for the answer is here! You can get your very own set of steel drums at Fun For All in Jungle Bungle in Fantasy Faire!

Xavian Starsider: “While you’re enjoying the soothing music folks, allow me to shill shamelessly! These steel drums are paw-crafted by a specialized team of underpaid hamsters, made of stainless polished plywood, and have a 50,000 mile warranty. They contain 21 songs and are expandable when I release more songs, they synchronize with all nearby drums regardless of owner or version (tinies, humans and petites can all play together as you can see), and you can put out multiple copies to share with your friends. All this for only 325 lindens, in Jungle Bungle. And that’s not all because that 325 lindens is all going to Relay for Life! Those underpaid hamsters won’t see a dime of it.”

The free calypso hats and many wondrous outfits can be found in the store as well. My steampunk bunny look was complete with goggles, but… hat! Matching hats are important for a band. Except apparently for Captain Ferret, but he can be forgiven. After all, he put the band together.

The tiny toy drum and xylophone are from there as well! I cannot speak for other band members and what they were otherwise wearing, I was too busy banging drums to ask!

No matter if you have paws or hand or other appendices, get theeself new drums to bang!

Fantasy Faire: Drums, instruments, tiny clothes, other miracles by Fun For All (Jungle Bungle Sim)

Tiny Bunny Avatar: WynxWorks


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