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Fading into Blue

Remember the Blue Fairy? She was so miffed about Cousin Sparklewing being in the FF poster that she swore she’d buy all the wings from the Faire! Fortunately she didn’t have to, because Vaengi is giving out pretty-shiny wings in Meandervale and changing their gift every day, go check! I tried to tell her that there are more petite-sized wings for sale, in several shops, but did she listen? Nooo. She wanted the biggest wings EVER. So that’s what she got.

With that I shall also take my leave for a week. RL trip of no internet connection is hugely disturbing my Faire-blogging plans, but what can you do. While I’m gone I’m expecting you all to shop the Faire empty and rescue the world! There’s a quest involving the Faire beginning today, after all…

Fantasy Faire: Wings: Vaengi – Free Ragged Fairy Wings, Combo Jewel 01 

Other Credits: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Crystal Azure Natural | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amendine Petite Mesh Hair Crystal Azure | Dress: Adoness – Lilabellis Baby Blue | Pose: HDL – Muack


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