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52 Colours: Thistle

Hello, this is Sonya’s Astral Clone posting for her from the past. Or some such. This is to say that no, I’m still not back, but I just set wordpress into posting this on Sunday. (Edit: apparently -failed- to set wordpress right, and am now back!) Complete lazy colour post about what I am most likely doing at the moment: reading. I packed the Hunger Games trilogy and A Dance with Dragons with me, after all.

Thistle was one of those pastel purples that are more common as skins than clothing in my inventory. Except for the awesome Prudence-boots by Lassitude & Ennui! They are at the moment available in Jungle Bungle in Fantasy Faire.

I’ll be back in a few days, go buy all the fantasy in the meanwhile!

Fantasy Faire: Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Prudence Boots Lavender

Other Credits: Skin: Heartsick – Deity Unseelie | Eyes: The Plastik – Oni Cumulus Lilac | Lingerie: SAKIDE – Everyday Lingerie Pink | Hair: Truth – Brenna Pearl | Book & Script Pose Prop: Glitterati – People will read again


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