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52 Colours: Deep Pink

I’m sure you know how I generally feel about pink. Abomination unto the gods of colour, yesyes. My inventory is rather void of it unless it’s over the board silly on purpose. Thus to avoid posing in lingerie with a cake on my head — again — I turned to Maya of Many Colours and allowed my Miss Deep Pink to be fabulous in a bold, summery sari.

These new mesh saris by bilo are called Chandramukhi, which means ‘moon face’. Miss Deep Pink posed in sunlight, though, just to flaunt the radiant colours. Sonya’s usual skins tend to be gothic pale, but fortunately YS&YS has this Cara-skin in the Dressing Room at the moment. Adding the new Wasabi Pills hair (available in Culture Shock) to it turned the whole look randomly into Jungle Book, I just failed to find Bagheera.

I took the pictures in bilo’s yard, so fittingly full of pretty Indian things and pink flowers. Speaking of, the splashes of colour in the picture above are caused by the flowers and the angle, I didn’t do any post-processing on it, the crazy amount of colours just amused me greatly.  Feel free to admire the Lost Eden bangles by Maxi Gossamer while oggling at the flowers, though.

The saris come in layers: the skirt and the covering dupatta are mesh, the choli (top) is a system layer. You can wear all three or leave the dupatta away for a lighter look. The skirts and tops are also sold separately, but come automatically with a sari if you buy the whole thing. Now the only thing is missing is an elephant…

Culture Shock: Hair: Wasabi Pills – Shiori Night Shadow 

The Dressing Room: Skin: YS&YS – Cara Tan Black Eyebrows 

Tropicalia Bazaar: Poses: Art Body Store – My Cute Wings 06/05/09

Other Credits: Sari: bilo – Chandramukhi Hot Pink* |  Bangles: Maxi Gossamer – Lost Eden Rebecca Gold + Amethyst | Hand Henna: bilo – Gatcha Mandala Top Hand | Hair decoration: Bewildebeest – Sun Queen Hairstick (not available anymore) | Bindi: Bewildebeest – Bindi Gold Ruby (not available anymore) | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Basically Pinkaboo! (eye and lip) | Eyes: The Plastik – Aleria Fool Flare | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious


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