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Sister of Night

That’s the name of a gothic gazebo Curvasive Designs has in the World Goth Fair. The bridge I used in these is actually their main charity item, but I’ve Got the Blues didn’t work as a title as well. After all, she’s not even wearing any, couldn’t get to a blues club in that getup and is just fine moodwise, thank you very much.

If anything, she has the purples. Shoes by [Moxie], I mean. The one splash of colour in monochrome. The skirt and the corset are from SAKIDE‘s main charity item, Classic Goth Outfit. It comes with both a white and a black shirt, but I liked it better without them. The mesh corset is just to die for, really. The gloves are by SAKIDE as well, just sold separately in the fair.

The Naenia necklace by *DCD* worked with the outfit like it was designed for it. I’m not too fond of crosses personally, no matter how gothic they might be, but black roses? Give. ❤ The makeup is a mix of lip markings and eyeliner by Pin Me Down, also available in the fair.

Speaking of the fair: it is open! Hop either to Cursed or Dark Eternity to get your goth on!

World Goth Fair:

Setting: Curvasive Designs – I’ve Got The Blues Bridge, Sister of Night Gazebo, Sister of Night Fountain | Corset & Skirt: SAKIDE – Classic Goth Outfit | Gloves: SAKIDE – Lace Band Gloves w Nails | Necklace: *DCD* Naenia Black | Makeup: Pin Me Down – Liner 8 & Lip Markings 6 | Shoes: [Moxie] – Carnival (Violet)

Other Credits:

Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic frozen silver bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: *+JENOVA’s+* & **Dura**(Hair)(Black) | Stockings: LaPointe – Gothic Brocade Stockings | Poses: aDORKable Poses – 19 of 25 / D.Luxx – Secrets 01

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