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52 Colours: Lemon Chiffon

Miss Lemon Chiffon is getting married! Or at least wanting to. Before you all faint, I would like to point out the wording there: Miss Lemon Chiffon is most definitely not Sonya. Period. I just couldn’t resist this gorgeous creation by Munchflower Zaius, especially since it was in a conveniently challenge matching tone. Saved my pastel-avoidant-inventory day completely!

So if you -are- getting married in SL, these limited Ariel-gowns are the perfect solution for you. They come in six different colours, 12 of each are set for sale and once they are gone, Munch will set out a new limited creation instead, so the brides of next year — or even month — can’t wear the same thing.

There’s zillion options starting from the traditional veil and two sizes of skirt (this is the smaller one) to a lace duster, gloves, stockings, shoes, corset and of course the lingerie. Which seems to be the final solution for drawing out a dark, handsome stranger when the wedding gown failed to do the trick…

What? She’s posing in gothic ruins of an abbey for a -reason-. You didn’t think she wanted to marry a good, wholesome boy, hmm? Not while I’m sitting behind the keyboard, thank you very much.

You can get the baiting area from *~by Nacht in the World Goth Fair and the pretty lures from Nomine. Here’s Munch’s post about the colour options if you want to window-shop first.

Outfit: Nomine – Ariel Wedding Gown Eggshell* | Earrings: Amorous – Aubade Blue | Setting: *~by Nacht – The Abbey WGD Exclusive | Skin: LAQ – Ebba Ivory DB Christmas Gift | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Aurora | Hair: Sky Everett – Quiet Seduction Wheat | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Mythic Neutraliser (lip/eye) & Clear Lipgloss | Poses: Ks2cool – Pose 77-80 / Sparrowtree Studios Poses – daringdiva2 / Olive Juice – Dramatically Sexy 


9 thoughts on “52 Colours: Lemon Chiffon

  1. WOW that is gorgeous and on you it’s simply stunning, lol I was gonna ask when to expect an invitation to the wedding lol but any guy would be lucky to watch you walk down the aisle dressed like that if the didn’t pass out at how gorgeous you look… it’s stunning!

  2. Now that dress could almost … ALMOST … make me think of getting married …
    Miss Lemon Chiffon looks stunning … no handsome stranger will resist 😉

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