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Back to the Crypt

The World Goth Fair ends on 31st May and is thus almost over. Just a few more days for the last moment shopping, then it’s time to slink back to the crypt to rest and recuperate.

This necklace by KOSH made me laugh, it’s so perfectly gothy-cutesy. It’s also one thing that SL jewelry has to be for it to work: big. You all know the LOD-issues, which means that small, delicate jewelry — no matter how gorgeous in closeups — pretty much vanishes the moment you are not cammed in on it. Much approval on big show pieces like this.

The Flame mesh corset is by *Perception*, the gloves and the Flirty pants by SAKIDE and the Wanderlust boots by lassitude & ennui. The skin by Pink Fuel is from the Skin Showcase and the Exile hair from the current Dressing Room Blue. I did vamp the skin up with an eyeliner by Pin Me Down, though.

The crypt is of course from *~by Nacht, I swear I could use these settings for all the pictures! The held candelabra is from the gatcha by The Muses; if you get lucky you might win a chandelier, too!

With that I shall leave the gothic heroine to sneak in and settle down for a …nap. Or some such. It’s been good indulging in gothness so much, I hope all of you went and shopped and enjoyed as well~

World Goth Fair: Crypt: *~ by Nacht ~ The Crypt (with candelabra 88 prims)* | Held Candelabra: The Muses – Candelabra Bronze 3 Arm B | Corset: *Perception* – Overbust Corset Flame* | Pants: SAKIDE – Flirty Leather Leggings Black* | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Wanderlust Boots black* | Necklace: KOSH – Demonica Necklace (WGF Edition) | Eyeliner: Pin Me Down – Liner 6*

Skin Showcase: Skin: Pink Fuel – Alena <Sugar> – Classic (dkbrow)

The Dressing Room Blue: Hair: Exile – Late at Night: Raven

Other Credits: Bangles: Mandala – Takara Bangles Buddha Black | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic frozen silver bright | Poses: LAP – MS2-Runway19 / LAP – SU-HandsUp4 / Glitterati – Drink 1


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