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Up to No Good

The undead fey have appeared to accompany their bigger cousins in the Zombie Popcorn Carnival. These petites hail from the island of Selidor, more commonly known as the home of Fallen Gods Inc., but for the duration of the Carnival they are pestering people only there. When the carnival ends, they will grow bored and slink back home to the temple in Selidor.

There was a lot to do at the carnival, sand castles to conquer, big people to glare, souls to steal, earlobes to nom… what? Brains are too big for them! The hair is a new release by Wasabi Pills; this particular colour was available in the 50L Fridays, but the less candied tones are for sale normally. I had to mention it for three reasons: 1) they don’t rig their short styles, so it was easy to shrink to petite size 2) it’s adorable 3) 50L Fridays are back, hurray!

The spectacles by Contraption are also available in the Carnival, and they are fabulously unhinged. They are also modifiable and shrunk beautifully to petite size. Yes, one of the glasses is missing. Yes, they make her look like a pocket-size evil librarian genius. Perfect!

So when you go to the Carnival, make sure you don’t leave your noms on the table or your pet hamsters unguarded, you never know who might be glaring at you from the shadows!

Zombie Popcorn Carnival: Petite Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Undead Fey, Decay Clothes* | Glasses: Contraption – Keele’s Spectacle

Other Credits: Hair: Wasabi Pills – Alice Mesh Hair – Chocolate mint | Poses: WetCat – Modeller 2 / Diesel Works – Yash Male 2 / !bang – Stand 130

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