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Dementia Has No Name

The title is a combination of the name of the first lingerie set, Dementia by Dare Designs, and the collar and the jacket by Zibska called NoName. Dementia is a new release with several layer options, also considerably skimpier ones, but I felt like styling these in a more vintage fashion. After all, it’s soon time for Vintage Fair!

Why yes, yes they are skulls in the collar and jacket. I’d imagine either could be styled into a very fashionable bad-ass look, but after I saw the Maeve lingerie below and the Dementia above, I knew I wanted to take vintage pin-up pictures. There’s something irresistible in the aesthetic: a mix of class, enticement and attitude.

Zibska’s jacket, collar and Maeve-lingerie are available in Vanity Fair, which will run until 11th August. Better hurry over and check it all out before the other events begin: it’s going to be a busy month.

Scene: Background: Miamai – Victorian Room | Chair & Poses: Diesel Works – Bar Stool ver I

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Hair: BP*’s – Starlust Valentine Hair | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic frozen silver bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Liner: Pin Me Down – Liner 5 | Lipstick: Izzie’s – Lipstick red

First Outfit: Lingerie: Dare Designs – Dementia Black & Red* | Collar: Zibska – Noname Collar* | Jewelry: Mandala – Milky Way2 Hawthorn Red

Second Outfit: Lingerie: Zibska – Maeve  Coal* | Jacket: Zibska – Noname Jacket Red* | Jewelry: Mandala – Milky Way2 Hawthorn Red




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