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Blue Twist

September 1st starts off another round of Twisted Hunt, as is already traditional. The theme is darkness and the cubes are midnight blue, decoys are plentiful and torment levels high. There’s a whole month to lose your sanity while squinting and camming for the cubes, so take your time!

I don’t have magic powers or a TARDIS in my disposal, so obviously I’ve only scratched the surface of the hunt, but from what I have managed to find so far this outfit by Blue Blood is definitely among the favourites. I adore the frozen shadow style sleeves and collar and if I could get everything in that blue, I might even wear less black!

The skin, eyes and makeup are by [VoiD] and there’s also a mini-hunt for more colour options in the shop. I also added a Possession body tattoo by Hysteria under the outfit, although only some outreaching shadow tendrils are visible. I’ll have to use it again later, because it’s really appropriate for this theme.

The hoofies are from Dilly Dolls and the setting is the Midnight Cavern by Urban Forge. It’s a cave dwelling with three floors, a pool, optional fire and secret door to the lowest level.

Everything except the hair and the poses is from Twisted Hunt. I recommend their website for slurls, joining the group for hints and hopping to the beginning location here.

Scene: Urban Forge Virtuatecture – Midnight Cavern

Body: Skin, eyes, makeup: [VoiD] – Annie Twisted Gray  GenX + Twisted Eyes | Hair: [Gauze] – Wisp (Lapis) | Body tattoo: Hysteria – Possession

Outfit: Outfit: Blue Blood – Strappy Exclusive Blue | Hooves: Dilly Dolls – Hoofies Black Twisted F2012

Poses: LAP – Fantasy-Keep Reaching PR4 / N/A / !bang – Stand 137





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