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It’s actually called just Darkness wine glass, but it’s so pretty it deserved a fancier title. It’s the Twisted Hunt prize by The Fooding and it practically radiates dark promises and enchantments of any kind imaginable.

The chalice is set on the bloodied table of Dark Ritual Temple by Stone Misery and is at the moment longingly stared at by this soon-to-be-twisted blue faun by Aeva//Heartsick. She refused any clothing, but was happy to wear the delicately detailed As Darkness Falls necklace by House of Rain.

One sip should not harm much, right? If you want some, I’m sure she’ll share~

Everything except the hair and poses are from the Twisted Hunt. You can find the participating merchants here and if you need a hint you should join the group and ask nicely.

Scene: Stone Misery – Dark Ritual Temple

Body: Skin, horns, ears, hooves: Aeva//Heartsick – Myth Twisted | Eyes: [VoiD] – Eyes Twisted Blue | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Cherilyn (Iceberg)

Outfit: Necklace: House of Rain – As Darkness Falls – sapphire/aged silver

Poses: !bang – Stand 135 & HDL – Muack




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