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Tiny Twist

This year plenty of Twisted merchants have added in prizes for petites! The shops have marked these differently, usually have a petite trail sign and I believe the cubes for petites are within 20 meters instead of the 30 meters — mayhaps to accommodate smaller avatars. Ten meters is a long journey! Don’t be fooled by the cute, though… these are twisted petites, no matter how innocent and sympathy-inducing they might appear.

Here we have a seemingly innocent little petite girl cruelly captured in a cage with her obviously charming and good animal friends, right? You’d free her in a heartbeat without asking who put her there and why, I’m sure.

Maybe nothing strange would happen, she’d just lounge on the bed you thought was the captor’s, begin catching up with the latest fey-mail, not that she subscribes to the Malice Monthly or anything, of course…

I’m sure her animal friends hunt only canned tuna, too. Nothing strange and wicked going on in here, never!

The animal friends are all by The Booshies. The one that looks like a turtle is their prize in the Finding FabFree Hunt. All of them belong to the Lil’PetZ collection, shoulder and otherwise collectable pets. They are released in limited amounts in gatchas and I fear these two are already gone and new ones have replaced them, but since they are all no-copy, you can always try trading! There’s a forum thread for trading these little darlings, so you could always try your luck there!

Scene: Background environment: Garden of Dreams – The Cemetery* | Trees: Prism Furniture – Mystical Moons (Twisted Hunt) | Cage: Roawenwood – Twisted Lament Petite Cage (Twisted Hunt)| Bed: Malfean Visions – :{MV}: Darkness Lies Within Bed (Petite) (Twisted Hunt)| Animal companions: The Booshies – (B Lil’PetZ) Felitera, Ibstomp & Girecko*

Body: Petite & Eyes: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petite Crystal Violet* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Orion Petite Mesh Hair (Night Shadow)*

Outfit: Snowpaws – Petite Webwing Outfit (Twisted Hunt)

Poses: First two from furniture poses, third BENT. – ONE. Simply Stillness Appears (available in The Retreat)*


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