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Captain Escargot

In case you haven’t realized yet: it’s Steam time! Steam the Hunt is going on again and you can find the shop slurls, hints and pictures of prizes here. The pocket watch is a prize by *Amaranthus* and is of course normally at the waist, like it should be.

Captain Escargot is named after my favourite prize of this round,  Escargot-a-vapeur by Sextan Shepherd. It’s one of the many prizes in a mini hunt at Joy of Steampunk Museum. This particularly fancy snail-mobile has plenty of living areas inside and is perfect for fashionably eccentric steam captains. If you like steampunk, but don’t have time for the whole hunt, this spot is what I recommend. It’s fun to explore and you can get the hunt gifts while oggling about.

The Time Watcher’s Gear (goggles and pack) is by [ContraptioN] and the Knight of Darkness outfit & hat are by RokumeikaN. The latter is a prize from Twisted Hunt, I just liked them together. Both hunts last for the whole of September, so there’s still plenty of time to cam about.

Now all we have to do is wonder what does a time watcher see through those goggles, while travelling around on a steam snail-mobile…

Scene: Sextan Shepherd – Escargot-a-vapeur (Steam Hunt: Joy of Steampunk Museum Mini Hunt)

Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Roza – Natural 03 D | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Cookie Mesh Hair (Night Shadow)

Outfit: Suit & Hat: RokumeikaN – Knight of Darkness (Twisted Hunt) | Watch: *Amaranthus* – Flower Medallion: Copper/Vapor: Pocket (Steam the Hunt) | Goggles & Pack: [ContraptioN] – The Time Watcher’s Gear (Steam the Hunt)

Poses: Niqotine Poses – KissMyGunM20 | D.Luxx Poses – The Vintage – Sugar Smacks 05 & Tootsie Roll 09


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