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Hamster Band and Wagon

We’re all on it, the hamster bandwagon. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s the dwarf hamster mesh avatars by Beetlebones in The Arcade. This is a new month-long event to be repeated four times a year, it started on 15th and will end on 15th October. The next round after that will be in December. And it’s all about gachas!

I knew I had to have one, because seriously: so much squee! The other must-have for me was the bunny spices. !Ohmai’s gacha is full of various spice jars with different animals on top and spice racks as rare prizes. There’s eighteen different spices so for those wanting a full spice rack that’s quite a job to collect! I don’t have a house, so I had no need to get them all, but obviously I had to have  both bunny-ones just because.

I had to provide my hamster with sufficient noms, so here’s gacha prizes from Love Soul and BCC. A delicious sandwich food tray and a paper bag full of macarons! On the background is a part of the rare prize from the hamster gacha: blue hamster home from an accessory pack. I got lucky and got that on my first try before I even had a hamster! From the same pack came the hamster wheel below.

Here Sway’s piggy bank and D-LAB’s brown skunk observe the running wheel training. Both of them are from the gachas as well. Everything in the surroundings that I didn’t name to be from The Arcade is a part of a birthday fest scene by Garden of Dreams. Tables and seating and noms, birthday cake with text-change, couple and single dances, balloons… it fit the hamster-life perfectly.

You can begin your attempts to weasel into the always-full Arcade here. If you want something very specific and seem to have a bad luck with the gachas, join their group for trading, it’s very handy.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Fest – Birthday* | Hamster house & wheel: Beetlebones – Hamster Accessories (gacha) | Spice jars: !Ohmai – Animal Spice Gacha (Mr. Giraffe, Mr&MsHare, Mr&MsRabbit, MsPanda) | Piggy: Sway’s – Piggy Bank Survivor Pastel Red | Skunk: D-LAB – Skunk head Brown 

Avatar: Hamster: Beetlebones – Dwarf Hamster Gacha Platinum | Hat: LaGyo – Noctum orchyds fascinator (not from the event) | Tray: Love Soul – Food Tray*Sandwich-1 | Bag: BCC – macaron Paper bag grapes

Poses: Part of furniture or the AO that comes with the hamster.





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