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Zodiac: Libra

The new round for Zodiac is in full swing, focusing on Libra this month. Libras are traditionally the diplomats of the zodiac, the balance-keepers, the fair ones. They are often called indecisive, but that comes with the ability and desire to see all the points of view thoroughly before any decisions. The problem is of course in choosing when all the options seem fair and reasonable.

Libras radiate an air of sophistication while still managing to stay approachable. Classy, never uptight. They are often social butterflies, able to find something to talk about with everyone, reading the subtle cues of conversation like it was their native tongue that no one else comprehends. This often makes them excellent flirts, sometimes without even realizing it themselves.

They are also associated with the pursuit of beauty and harmony. Not just balance in their relationships, but in their actual surroundings. Traditionally Libras are known to have an impeccable taste in interior design, making their homes a pleasure to both eye and spirit. It is probably not a coincidence that the one Libra in my close friends is actually an artist.

As one of the air signs, they are also extremely intelligent. This is not necessarily factual science style, but instead smartness about people. If you ever need a mastermind to handle volatile situations, call a Libra!

I dressed my Libra girl in a twenties styled Society-dress by Volstead, because it looked sophisticated while still relaxed and practically comfortable. The Abbey-hair by Elikatira continued the theme of classy, but not uptight perfectly. I wanted to add some artistic quirk, a slight edge to make sure the Libra wasn’t too natural and subdued. The makeup in Ploom’s Lea-skin made sure she can stand in the spotlight if she chooses to. Some extra jewelry by Zaara and The Muses and I could set her painting at her easel.

The skin by Ploom, the scales and easel prop by Conspiracy Theory and the poses within the easel by Exposeur are all from Zodiac. I’d also like to mention that Elikatira is having a sale that ends on Monday, so if you haven’t visited yet: hurry!

Scene: Building: *ionic* – four walls (old hunt gift) | Scales: Conspiracy Theory – DeLillo Scales | Easel: Conspiracy Theory – Painting Pictures

Body: Skin: .ploom. – Lea Vanilla DB Libra | Eyes: IKON – Kaleido Eyes Night L | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Elikatira – Abbey Blonde 07 

Outfit: Dress: Volstead – Society Mist (mesh)* | Earrings: The Muses – Bathory Gold Black Pearl | Bracelet: Zaara – Vyomini chained bracelet turquoise gold | Ring: Zaara – Raga oyster ring paua gold 

Poses: Exposeur – A part of the easel.




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