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52 Colours: Ghost White

I had to go literal with this colour, especially with Halloween right around the corner. Miss Ghost White is a carefully crafted ephemeral phantasm, luring you closer with her beauty and sadness… until you are too close to see anything but the truth of undeath.

The majestic Marchesa-hairdo is by Zibska. It’s gigantic, it’s historical, it was worn by women who never had to touch their own hair — or wigs — and probably had necks of steel to carry them without breaking! The black tears are by Pin Me Down, making her sad despite the already present vibe of creepiness.

The fading dream-like illusion was easy to create in the World’s End Garden. The dress was one of their group gifts when they opened a store in RMK sim, so I’m not certain if it’s available anymore. Regardless, the white parts of it worked for the tone and the design for the hairdo, so there she is: mirrored in melancholia.

Until that one last fatal step when you realize you’ve walked into a trap. The horror-movie fitting make-up is by Pin Me Down, their prize in the Resting Place Halloween event at Pulse. The Stranglehold choker by House of Rain is now available not only in gacha, but in the Marketplace, too. Perfect for all the possible Halloween events!

Scene: World’s End Garden Sim

Body: Skin: Nuuna’s Skins – White Skin | Eyes: Nuuna’s Skins – Creepy Black Eyes | Hair: Zibska – Marchesa White* | Face Tattoos: Pin Me Down – Crying2 2 & Blasfemi 1*

Outfit: Gown: World’s End Garden – Le jardin des Roses | Choker: House of Rain – Stranglehold Onyx* 

Poses: Bilo – Ode to Antidote Two, Harvester of Hearts Two & Three* (not available yet)


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