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Resting Place

Pulse’s Halloween games have been my favourites for years. They’re like horror movie experiences with gifts scattered about, some more hidden than others. In this year’s game you play the role of an assistant to a certain Dr. Krol in a clinic called Resting Place. It’s your first day and the patients are missing… time to solve the mystery! Read: time to get in serious brainbreaking trouble.

Most of the look is formed from the gifts found during the game, like the outfit by [ SAKIDE ], skin by Adore & Abhor, makeup by Pin Me Down, spider hair clip by A Netherworld and poses with knives by HopScotch. The Reema-hair by *Alice Project* is available in this month’s FAIR and I adore the attitude the bangs gives to it. The bangs, hair and the braid are all separate parts and can be tinted differently. I chose to turn them blood red to go with the suede boots by lassitude & ennui, available in Cinema’s Fantasy section.

You can read the rules and instructions of the game here and begin it by porting here to sign in at the clinic and to pick up your HUD. Click everything, look everywhere, read everything, have a dark windlight and your sound on and try not to startle! Obvious horror movie and gore disclaimer is obvious~

Scene: Resting Place Halloween Event 

Body: Skin: Adore & Abhor – Pulse Black | Eyes: IKON – Witch Eyes Rage | Makeup: Pin Me Down – Vilde | Hair: *Alice Project* – Reema*

Outfit: Top, Pants, Gloves: [ SAKIDE ] – Leather Top, Bloody Zipped Latex Leggings Opened Black, Skulls Gloves Red w Nails | Boots: lassitude & ennui – Suede Boots Red* | Spider Hair Clip: A Netherworld – Crystal Spider Hair Clip Black

Poses w Knives: HopScotch – Hell Hath No Fury Set




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