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Zodiac: Scorpio

Stereotypically Miss Scorpio is the sexy redhead from any film ever, the one who oozes sex, trips the man on the floor and holds them there with a stiletto heel. Then the handcuffs come out. She’s also the redhead woman who will completely utterly destroy the said man’s life if she believes she has been scorned or betrayed: vengeance is her middle name.

Stereotypes aside Scorpio is an extremely intense sign, both in good and bad. They are fiercely independent, driven and when they set their mind on something, they will also achieve it. They might seem a bit aloof, because they keep their surface smooth, covering the depth of emotions.

If you manage to win a Scorpio over, they are extremely loyal friends and passionate lovers. Keep in mind though that Scorpios remember every slight and can bear a grudge for the rest of their lives, so make sure you never betray them.

Just like all the water signs, Scorpio is a well of imagination and intuition, but unlike shy Cancer or dreamy Pisces, they have the energy and fire to apply all of that into advancing in life: whether it’s career-wise or life in general, Scorpios are out to get what they want.

Scorpio-inspired round of Zodiac event has started: the hair, corset, necklace, chair and pose are from there. Steph-hair by *Alice Project* is a perfect combination of sensuality and attitude for any Scorpio girl out there. Most signs might shy away from literal bad-ass symbolism, but Scorpios would probably indulge in them: thus the Serket’s Servant necklace by A:S:S and Scorpion Chair by Conspiracy Theory. The Scorpio girl had to have a corset, there was absolutely no way around that, and fortunately *Perception* had both over- and underbust versions available. The standing pose is one from Exposeur’s pack called She’s Crafty.

The skin and makeup by Izzie’s are from another event that just started: The Costume Ball. I felt it nailed the Scorpio attitude of sexy danger just perfectly.

Scene: A:S:S – That night, skybox | Conspiracy Theory – Scorpion Chair Black

Body: Skin: Izzie’s – Fuyu Skin (Costume Ball Ed.) | Lips: Izzie’s – Lipgloss dark red | Eyes: Roly-Poly – GlassEyes Charcoal | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: *Alice Project* – Steph*

Outfit: Corset: *Perception* – Overbust Corset Scorpio | Pants: Deviance – Leather Pants Violet | Boots: Slink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Black | Bangles, Rings & Nails: Mandala – Takara Buddha Black | Necklace: A:S:S – Serket’s Servant black (with sting)

Poses: Exposeur – She’s Crafty | Part of the chair.






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