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Future Is Blue

At least if you ask from me. Every time I indulge in anything related to futuristic cyber looks or scifi vibes, I turn to blue. Preferably glowing blue. Thus I also had to turn the HUD to blues in these cyberlox by Alice Project, available in the Costume Ball until November 1st.

The Araneae outfit is by SAKIDE and it’s available in the Perfect Wardrobe until November 3rd. I’d take bodysuits over a lot of current street fashion, to be honest. Perhaps with more pants all around, unless the future comes with sliders for RL.

Of course I had to have blue futuristic sim for the pictures, so when I stumbled from Hangares Liquides to China, I was pleasantly surprised with all the fitting blue plants and surroundings. Obvious casual walk in the future, yesyes.

Scene: China Sim

Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Mia Fairy Tales 2012 | Eyes: IKON – Witch Eyes Fear | Liner: Beautiful Freak – Girl Poison Blue | Lips: Pin Me Down – Lip Markings 6 | Hair: *Alice Project* – Demonia Cyberlox*

Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] – Araneae* | Boots: Grollwerk – Hoof Boots Black Straps 

Poses: Bilo – Sari Pose Mujira 4 | LAP – RCD-Feisty PR4



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