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White Rose

It started with Zibska’s Amelie jewelry set, roses covering the skin, changed to white for the winter. The Mira makeup combined with the Giddy hairdo raising up into the heavens turned the whole thing into a fashion shoot, so I wrapped the rest into SAKIDE’s Fashion Skull Dress and looked for a wintry setting.

The clockwork music bear by Fairlock Industries can be found in Unhinged Festival. Same with the dress, the slipper bench by Senzafine and the pots with flowers by Deep Blue Sea Designs. I had to lie down to have any chance of showing off the whole of the hair. Or maybe I slipped on ice while trying to balance with heels. The sacrifices I make for photos, yes.

The Amelie jewelry set is available in The Gallery Gift Shop, the makeup is a new release and the hair the current gift in Zibska. The surroundings are a dream scene by Garden of Dreams, a frozen pool in front of a wintry cabin. The non-fir trees are their new mesh chill grove trees, currently available in their Christmas Market with the cabin and many other wintry products being on discount.

Once you do have your wintry environments arranged, I do recommend skates instead of heels and something warmer than this to traipsing through the snow. Don’t try this at home without sufficient amounts of hot coffee, mulled wine or campfire!

Scene: Garden of Dreams – Cabin Winter* | Trees: Garden of Dreams –  Chill Grove Trees* | Bench: Senzafine – Umbra et Lux Slipper Bench Winterstorm | Pots: DBS – blue & white pots fuzzy teal & white flowers

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors: Classic Frozen Silver Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: Zibska – Mira Coal* | Hair: Zibska – Giddy Black*

Outfit: Dress & Stockings: SAKIDE – Fashion Skull Dress* | Shoes: Schadenfreude – Black Flitter Dreamlander Heels | Necklace & Earrings: Zibska – Amelie Set* | Bracelets: Mandala – Lotus Chain Bracelets | Bear: Fairlock Industries – Clockwork Music Bear Lullabear

Poses: HDL – Muack | Olive Juice – Oh, these old things? | Exposeur – She’s Crafty 1 M




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