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Enchanted Frost

“Frost’s daughters are dancing.” My mother used to say that when the temperature reached the levels where snow is covered with countless sparkling little stars. That’s still the image in my head every time, every winter. It’s December now, the snow has not only fallen but blown in and therefore I had to welcome it with one of the said daughters.

Enchanted Frost 3Almost everything in the post is from MadPea’s latest hunt: Enchanted Frost. Their hunts are my favourites due to the excellent storytelling involved. It’s not just finding hidden items, it’s an experience. This one sends you to find the fifteen lost memories of the captured Princess Enid and then make your way through the maze to bring back the summer and to claim all the prizes in the end.

Enchanted Frost 2The frosted faun antlers by Vita’s Boudoir make me think of snow queens of less compassionate nature, but that is winter for you. Beautiful and lethal. At least this particular fairy allows birdies to rest on the antlers. The ice elf eyes and the frost half-body tattoo by Fallen Gods Inc. are from the hunt as well, but the matching ice crystal skin, wings and the curlique hip attachment are not hunt prizes, the frost’s daughter simply needed them.

Enchanted Frost 1The scene is mixed from the prizes of Roawenwood, Trident and Les Sucreries de Fairy. The harp is playable, even when the fairy seems too blue to try. If you feel like getting into the wintry spirit, you can begin your adventure here.

Scene: Surroundings: Les Sucreries de Fairy – Enchanted Frost Hunt Gift | Harp: Roawenwood – Enid’s White Crystalline Harp | Arch: Trident – Frozen Mistletoe Arch

Body: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Crystal Ice Opal Natural* | Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc. – Tao Yang Frost | Eyes: Fallen Gods Inc. – Ice Elf Eyes Medium Glacier | Hair: Alice Project – Bliss* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious 

Outfit: Wings & Fluttery Attachments: Fallen Gods Inc. – Ice Crystal | Headdress: Vita’s Boudoir – Frosted Faun Antlers

Poses: LAP – Fantasy-Puppet PR4 | Bilo – Sari Pose Mujira 5 | A part of furniture.


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