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Festive Liaisons

Because they make the festivities all the better, right? The egg on the background is called Liaisons Dangerouses and all the three letters — two on the table, one inside the egg —  contain a quote from the book. It and plenty of other festive things I’m about to show are by ~Libertine~ and can be found in the Midwinter Fair.
Festive Liaisons 1The wreath and the set of armlets and anklets (with a necklace I didn’t use for these pictures) are by Trident from the same fair. All the curlique shapes simply went together too well not to combine. The fair has also a hunt going on and the festive pendant I’m wearing can be found in it.Festive Liaisons 2The festive balls — and the pendant for the hunt — are also by ~Libertine~ and can be found in the fair. The table with all of them on display is for sale separately, where as the transferable balls are for sale under the big tree in the fair. They are fully modifiable and can be shrunk down to earring-size, as I just did here. As for the outfit, it’s by SAKIDE and it’s actually called Vintage Glam Dress, although to me it felt more appropriate as a set of lingerie. It’s available in Frost Winter Fashion FairFestive Liaisons 3Even the *~ by Nacht bed from Gothmas by Gaslight continued the curlique leaf motif, so I couldn’t resist it. The surroundings are a Roman bath dream scene by Garden of Dreams because the wreath somehow simply called for it.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – Roman Bath* | Bed: *~ by Nacht – The Ice Queen’s Bed | Festive Balls: ~Libertine~ Glass Low Table with Festive Balls Display & Festive Ball, Diana e Callisto | Egg: ~Libertine~ Liaisons Dangerouses Egg

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Classic Frozen Silver Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Rosy Mood – Satsuma Black 

Outfit: Dress: SAKIDE – Vintage Glam Dress White Sheer* | Necklace: ~Libertine~ Festive Pendant | Earring: ~Libertine~ Festive Ball, Bagnante | Wreath, bracelets & anklets: Trident – Winter Wreath & Idunn Winter Set

Pose: Part of the bed.


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