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The petites have been running, skipping, frolicking, flying and flittering around the grid for a year now. To celebrate the occasion there’s the biggest cake ever in the Petite Kingdom with plenty of party games on the second layer and a market for shopping fun on the first.

woodsprite4bsHere’s a peaceful little sapling, slowly meandering through the area, trying not to get too giddy from the root-contact to the sugary floor when she spots an axe. Such a suspicious area with big jar and cage and a cauldron… time to slink away in a hurry! Or whatever pace passes as hurry for trees.

woodsprite1bsAfter escaping from the traps and axe-threat, the little wood sprite had blanched a little and her peaceful runes had turned to red in alarm. She sank her roots into the giant cake reflexively, to draw nourishment and to soothe herself. After that… well, have you ever seen a tree with a sugar-high? Good thing her tiny roots were not settled under anything important.

woodsprite3bsYou can find these petite dryads by Fallen Gods Inc. in the market as well: they’re brand new addition to the petite family and for the duration of the PetitesFest they’re on -30% discount. They come with a HUD that allows you to change the type of wood they are, decide on their makeup, body runes, colour for the outfit and eyes and control whether your little dryad is a PG version or not. You can have several little wood sprites conveniently in one.

Scene: Petite Kingdom

Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Dryad Female*

Poses: Exposeur – When You’re Smiling 3 | Exposeur – Advent Gift 6 F | aDORKable Poses – 4 of 25 2012


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