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There are days when no amount of polite diplomacy will do. Rainha is experienced enough to know that any good queen needs both armour and a weapon sometimes.

rainha1bsShe did not get where she is by laying about in beds waiting for a random prince to come over to kiss her or losing her slippers. She might appreciate partnership and company, but no one needs to save her: she already saved herself.

rainha5bsThere’s no laws about warrior queens having to look manly: Rainha certainly doesn’t. Impeccable outer appearance has always been an important part of leadership, after all. Don’t believe the vile rumours coming from her fortress lair, all lies and slander! Just because she likes huge updos and the colour red doesn’t mean she’d be a villain. Stereotypical propaganda!

rainha2bsRainha is a combination of armour and leather dress and it’s a new release by The Muses. The dress and the cape are rigged, the armour is made out of garment layers and the rest of the attachments are non-rigged for re-sizing.

Scene: Annon

Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Hair: Sky Everett – Sovereign Black | Eyes: IKON – Utopia Eyes Dark Red | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Hearts Desire Makeover Daytime | Liner: Beautiful Freak – Jackal Eyes Red*

Outfit: The Muses – Rainha Black & Red* | Earrings: Finesmith – Noir | Sword: Tekeli-li – Bloodlight Twohander

Poses: aDORKable Poses – 19 of 25 2012 | PoseMonster – Behind 1 | Exposeur – Advent Gift 15


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