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There’s peace in the depths of the ocean. The embrace of the water is all-encompassing, world-defining. The currents carry life with them to a steady pulse, the comforting darkness hides one from the sharp, challenging threats.

mermaid1bsThe surface is scary: gateway to the unknown, the bright lights dancing on it hurting dark-accustomed eyes, the water’s movement more restless, unnerving. Surely it is inhabited by cruel hunters wishing to catch everything that moves and chain the life into suffering.

mermaid22bsBut should one dare to peek, one might notice that the red of the surface is not blood, but a sunset. Should one dare to stay, enjoy and play with new friends, the threatening chains of fear might prove to be no more than jewelry, worn to symbolize the moment they broke.

mermaid3bsWe all need to surface at one point or the other, but it is always good to remember where we came from. Comfort zones are necessary for gathering one’s strength to swim on: whether you journey on the surface or dive deeper.

Scene: Sim: Gardenia, Lost Atlantis

Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Roza The Arcade Gacha Events 05 | Hair: Boudoir – Irena black tentacles | Eyes: Repulse – Undead Eyes Silver | Makeup: Zibska – Bassline Smoke* | Tail & fins: =LunaSea= Black Widow

Outfit: Jewelry: Zibska – Ute Set*

Poses: N/A | Exposeur – Underwater 7 (Zodiac) | DieselWorks – Yash Male 10


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