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Perhaps there was an accident, perhaps the ship blew up. Perhaps it was taken over by space pirates and she fled through the air lock. Whatever the reason, there she is: drifting in the silence of space.

spaced1bsSlowly maneuvering in the asteroid field, searching for a place to land before her air supply runs out, swimming in slow motion through the dark ocean of stars.

spaced2bsA mysterious space cave on a small moon with atmosphere and air to breathe is perfect. For now. Who knows what the possible inhabitants of the said moon think of the visitor… better make sure the gear is in good order before exploring further.

spaced3bsJust because sometimes one simply needs to adventure in space. When the mood hits, it’s always a bonus when you can look stunning while doing so.

GALLACTIC has recently released space helmets, ray guns and circuit boots to complete the expanding collection of delicious cyber bodysuits. Much rejoicing was had from all the space adventurers across the grid!  The Purple Stripe skin by Pink Fuel is available in a gacha in The Arcade, although I must say I added more stripeness to it with +Nuuna+’s makeups.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Space & The Space Cave*

Body: Skin: Pink Fuel – Gacha 01 Purple Stripe | Eyes: Repulse – Mystic Eyes Violet | Hair: Lamb – Whoop Dee Doo Obsidian | Makeup: +Nuuna+ AstroGlam Violet | Tattoo Lashes: Miamai – XGen Makeup_LashNLiner Charme

Outfit: Body Suits: GALLACTIC – Sheer Circuit White & Element Solid Violet* | Boots: GALLACTIC – Circuit Knee Boots Violet/Black* | Helmet: GALLACTIC – Helmet Violet* | Guns: GALLACTIC – Ray Gun Violet*

Poses: PoseMonster – Float 4, Float 7, Stand 59


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