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Nothing But Skin

It is a vulnerable state, wearing nothing but your skin. Leaving the cultural taboos and sexuality aside, nudity exposes us. There is nothing between us and the surrounding world, us and the other people. No layers of cloth to form an armor, no distractions, no pretension.

nothingbutskin1bsWe’re not used to such openness anymore, we’re used to being able to select what kind of mask of implications we present for the world to see. When we are robbed of our covers, the timidness easily settles in.

nothingbutskin2bsUnderneath the protection of all the masks and armor there is sensitivity bruised by the lightest of touches, spirits wishing to be understood and accepted, hiding in the darkness under the layers of shields out of fear, out of tiredness.

nothingbutskin5bsPerhaps, just perhaps, if we dared to look in the mirror without wearing a mask, if we dared to leave the armor aside for just a moment, we could learn to understand and accept ourselves. Whether the others do or do not depends on who we meet, but if we do not accept ourselves first, how could they?

Skin Fair has opened its doors and Essences is releasing a new Clover skin line there. I have adored their soft shading and strong eyebrows for a long while now, but what really delights me is the pale skin tone options. Most skins on the grid are way too tan for my taste and so every skin designer who makes truly pale tones is a triumph to find.

Scene: Studio Skye – Enchanted Tree Tunnel

Body: Skin: Essences – Clover 01 Pale Dust Brunette* | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Classic Frozen Silver Bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Alice Project – Sunny*

Poses: Poise – Vogue 10 | Exposeur – When You’re Smiling 3 | aDORKable Poses – 3 of 25 2012


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