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Night Is Not A Colour

It’s a sensation. It’s a state of mind. A scent, a sound, an understanding. Best felt with eyes closed. Night cannot be a colour for it is full of colours, darkness painted with subtle hues, decorated with lights, constructed of shadows. The longer you watch the night, the more you see that it could never be caught in a one simple hue.

goth1bsDay reveals what our shapes seem to be, lighting our forms, showing the outer surfaces, bringing every curve, scar and scale to plain sight. Night hides the surfaces and lets you breathe with your senses. It allows you to feel as a whole being instead of a spirit bound in a flesh prison.

goth2bsNight is not a colour: it is the safety of a hiding place, being unseen. It is the danger of all the monsters in your mind lurking around you. It is freedom from norms, it is a palette of shades, a feeling at the back of your neck that is ancient: be awake, be aware, be wary.

goth3bsNew round of Genre has started and this time the focus is on gothic beauty. The Blood Snakes skin by Fallen Gods Inc., Futakuchi Onna outfit by Bare@Rose and the bench by Painfully Divine are all available in Genre.

Scene: The Ruins: *~by Nacht – The Abbey | Bench: Painfully Divine – Little Gothic Bench Onyx

Body: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Blood Snakes xx + Dark Tears (Genre Special)* | Eyes: Repulse – Demonic v3 Eyes Red | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Alice Project – Zephyra*

Outfit: Bare@Rose – Futakuchi Onna

Poses: PoseMonster – Stand 100 | Part of the furniture. | PoseMonster – Stand 90

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