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You might have seen them from the corner of your eye, merging with the shadows, prowling the night, only the glow of their eyes giving them away… until they tumble out of the dark, raise their paws up and ask to be snuggled.

elfmeeroo1bsThis goofy little thing is a nocturnal meeroo: full of giddy excitement to explore her surroundings better. Especially the magical plantlife that is instinctively familiar to her. The elf who caught the meeroo — or perhaps simply picked her up after the silly critter tumbled out and decided similar markings and ears meant they belong together — is trying very hard not to laugh.

elfmeeroo2bsThe meeroos have journeyed to join other magical creatures at Fantasy Faire, where they have settled at Lumenaria. If you’re more interested in the elf than the cuddly things, the skin, ears and eyes are all by The Plastik and they’ll be available in Evensong Woods. The poses by Musa can be found in Magnificat. The Faire is now open for all the adventurers to enter and shop to their hearts’ content!

Scene: Forest: Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods | Plants: Meeroos – Thintel Plant & Carnivorous Plant Purple*

Body: Skin: The Plastik – Draziirah Female Silver* | Eyes: The Plastik – Bloodless Silver* | Ears: The Plastik – Draziira Ears Silver* | Hair: Exile – Crazy in Love (Frost)

Goofy Critter: Meeroos – Nocturnal Meeroo

Poses: Musa – Gown Pose 017 & Fantasy Pose 034*


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