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Dwarfin Encounter

This is a story of a reporter elf planewalking to a realm where the dwarfins live to write about these industrious beings. The dwarfins are a young race and the only sapient one of their world, created by the God of Stone, Andronicus, to be the caretakers of the world.

dwarfins1bsAlthough Andronicus himself was imprisoned for the crime of creating life on his own and without the cooperation of the other gods, he still manages to send instructions to his beloved creations, who have finally broken out from the mountain they were originally enclosed in. The dwarfins found this unusual rock shape nearby the cave they broke out of and took it as a sign from Andronicus himself, now showing respect to it and praying to it, hoping the god will hear them and how much they miss being with him.

dwarfins3bsIt seems that the dwarfin wizard was not at all appreciative of the planeswalking long-legs elf and transformed her into a more fitting size! She put aside the quill and papers and picked up an axe, here practising a sneer of attitude. Running with an axe should be left for dwarfins though, don’t try this home! If you happen to gain a dwarfin shape for a moment though, why not? Everyone should be a small stout person with an axe at least once in their lives!

dwarfins2bsDwarfins have journeyed to Fantasy Faire for a visit and can be found in Lumenaria. The wizard and enchantress dwarfins are garbed in RFL colours and sold to benefit Relay For Life, similar to the new interactives: magic book and Andronicus Stone and the new dwarfin avatars, like Rinn Rockbeard in the last picture.

If you end up doing the Key of Hope Hunt, you can get the wizard and enchantress dwarfins as avatars, looking just like their normal dwarfin counterparts above. As for Rinn and her friend Rorek, the non-avatar dwarfin versions of them are for sale in the auction at the Faire as One of a Kind transferable dwarfins.

If you wish to know more about the Fantasy Dwarfin Community Building Game, visit their website to find out how you can get started, what kind of dwarfins appear out of stone and how they can craft more of their kind to build and create their community.

The Reporter Elf’s fancy dandy outfit can also be found in Lumenaria, at 22769’s Faire shop.

Scene: Forest: Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods | Dwarfins – Interactive Andronicus Stone & Interactive Magic Book*

Dwarfins: Wizard and Enchantress Dwarfins, Rinn Rockbeard Avatar

Reporter Elf: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Hair:  !lamb. – DIY Haircut Ink | Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Seelie Ears* | Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands (av) Casual | Outfit: 22769 – Leader Jacket & Pants [femme] | Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Arcanist Shoes black


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