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The Tree Spirit

The return to the alien planet of glowing plantlife brings us this tiny dryad shaped tree spirit, luminescent and glowing like the plants she embodies.

spiritdryad1bsSentient and curious, the spirits wander from plant to another, peeking at the signs of civilization found underneath the trees. One must wonder what would happen if a dryad would sink their roots in beer such as in the jug here and drink.

spiritdryad2bsPerhaps even finding and picking up pieces of jewelry, adorning themselves on a whim. The starfish and pearls must have been brought to the jungle by bigger humanoids, unless they exist on the alien forest bottom, too.

spiritdryad3bsIf you have ever wished to be a petite — tiny tree spirit or otherwise — there is no better place to begin than Fantasy Faire.

The spirit dryad petites by Fallen Gods Inc. and the dishware by Gwen’s Hearth are both available in Magnificat. The alien plants by Cerridwen’s Cauldron and the jewelry by AZE Jewelry Designs can be found in Titan’s Hollow and the poses by c( Two Cats ) from Evensong Woods.

Scene: Alien Plants: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Paradise Bat Orchids, Gnome Toes, Wisp Mushrooms, Dryad Pitcher Plants | Dishware: Gwen’s Hearth – Egyptian Barley Beer & Fresh Apple Bowl*

Spirit Dryad: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Spirit Dryad* | Jewelry: AZE Jewelry Designs – Petite RFL Starfish & Pearls Set*

Poses: c( Two Cats ) – Magical 3 | Magical 4 | Magical 2*


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