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Back to Nature

Who knows where the evolution will take us? Who knows where it might have taken other civilizations elsewhere, merging and combining with their surroundings instead of taking control over them with tools.

alienplant1bsPerhaps there can be a symbiosis between humanoid life and flora, if nowhere else than in our imaginations. Sinking in limb-like roots that allow moving about, skin absorbing alien lights, humanoid hands kept for their usefulness, hearing becoming less vital when the senses are attuned to pollen and pheromones…

alienplant2bsI have always enjoyed such moments of trying to envision how life would look like through the eyes of something so alien that their priorities and needs in life differ completely from human. It gives perspective.

Almost all of the alien plant can be acquired from the new round of Genre that focuses on scifi. The skin by Jalwa is not actually green, I just played with windlights. The tentacle outfit by The Stringer Mausoleum went perfectly together with the mask and ear pieces by Spyralle, hair is by Analog Dog and the Biologic Evolution body tattoo by Fallen Gods Inc. completes the look.

Scene: Alien Plants: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Paradise Bat Orchids, Gnome Toes, Wisp Mushrooms

Alien: Skin: Jalwa Skins – Jezebel Vamp Ethereal* | Body Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc. – Biologic Evolution (overlay, Light) Spores* | Hair: Analog Dog – ism kale | Eyes: Repulse – Lacerated v2 Green | Tentacles: The Stringer Mausoleum – Troiian Tentacles S.E. Ship Slime | Mask & Ear Pieces: Spyralle – Sensory Enhancement Modules

Poses: Orc Inc. – Stand 77 & 78

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