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The Anemone Queen

There are creatures in the depths of the sea that care not for the frolicking ways of the mermaids, who call and lure others only to their doom, who leave the darkest trenches only to hunt lighter lifeforms.

anemonequeen1bsPerhaps they are the original sirens, perhaps the only thing they wanted from sailors was dinner — not in candlelight — perhaps they are still down in the depths, avoiding detection and waiting.

anemonequeen2csTo properly hunt near the surface they must create camouflage gardens, eerily beautiful flora to both hide the hunter and to entice the curious wanderers closer. Perhaps their plants are traps, giant clams holding pearls as bait, closing faster than anyone could imagine.

anemonequeen3csPerhaps there are other things they feel drawn to hunt, other reasons than just sustenance for surely that exists even in the eternal night of the trenches. Unfortunately if one finds out what it is, one never gets to tell the tale.

The Under the Sea Expo has opened today and will run until June 26th. The expo sim has been lovingly turned into the bottom of the sea and is worth a visit already on its own. There’s a hunt for mermaid pearls going on as well, so prepare your hunting fins! You can find more information about the expo here or hop right in by diving here.

All the sea scenery, the dress, eyes, makeup and jewelry are available in the Under the Sea Expo.

Scene: Botanical – Kelp Forest and Underwater Rocks Diorama* | Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Hydra Anemone Indigo 20 Tentacles, Hydra Anemone Orange 8 Tentacles*, Jellyfish Weed Bladeleaf, Giant Clams (Young, Blue Adult, Blue Higher Balve) | Aquatics – AQP Jaelen Patch* | meadowWorks – Coral Mer Perch Tall, Fish School Circling Six Line Wrasse, UnderSea FX Seabed Sanctuary, Kelp Forest Fx Green + Plankton*

Body: Skin: The Plastik – Arkasia Turqa Atlantic* | Hair: Nevermind – Anemone Twilight (old hunt gift) | Eyes: Beautiful Freak – Blind Eyes Ghost* | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: Beautiful Freak – Eldritch Purple (hunt prize) & Siren Lipstick Deepwater* 

Outfit: Dress: The Muses – Siren Purple* | Collar: House of Rain – Abyssal Collar Amethyst/Black* 

Poses: Orc Inc – Stand 27, 58, 13

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