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Drywood Dryad

Already a bit slower in movement than the younger tree-spirits, the drywood dryad has lived a long time. Time and seasons, sun and weather have taken their toll and sometimes she contemplates digging her roots deep and letting her mind wander until she forgets all but the sun on her skin and the slow pulse of earth in her veins.

drywood1bsIt’s the flickering little specks of life that keep her awake, the fluttering sparks of energy, the visible, tangible, present parts of the cycle. Their calls for a mate, their dance that lasts less than a blink for a dryad, the ability to feel so keenly never ceases to intrigue her.

drywood2bsShe has watched and marveled at their ancestors, and the ancestors of those ancestors. They awaken a steady sensation of curiosity in her: curiosity and empathy. How dreadful it must be to feel so acutely, how dreadful yet so wonderful. She knows she can never fully comprehend them, but she never lets that stop her from caring. Or watching, always watching: the guardian of brief, full lives of woodland creatures.

The Drywood skin with Sacred War markings by Fallen Gods Inc. is currently at half price in We Love Role-play event. There’s a male skin as well for all the possible wood-puns you could ever make. I wore the included PG-layers with the skin as well as the separately sold prim parts that form the dryad outfit. The Grimalkin eyes by .{Rue}. can be found in the same event, as well as the poses by Musa.

Scene: Big trees: Garden of Dreams – Relic Trees* | Small trees: Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods 3 (trees)

Body: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Drywood Sacred War* | Eyes: .{Rue}. – Grimalkin Moss* | Hair: Gilded – Spring Briar Fae Hair 

Outfit: Dryad extensions: Fallen Gods Inc. – Drywood* | Butterflies: Balderdash – Flutterbye Swarm | Birdies: Happy Mood – HPMD* Little Birds Green Type A 

Poses: Musa – Fantasy Pose 010 & Gown Pose 028



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