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The Hatter Otters

“Your hats or one of your lives, purple humanoid!” The dreaded gang of hat-stealing otters known as The Hatter Otters was on the move and yet another hat gallery was to be emptied just to satisfy their need for fancy headware.

hattierotters1bsThe hat gallerist kept all her lives by simply retreating and letting the otters get their paws on all the fancy things on display. Thank the stars for the otter insurance.

hattierotters2bsIt’s a hard life, being a hat gallerist in a universe where hat-related crime runs rampant in wiggly otter paws, but somebody has to serve the greater aesthetic cause and bring the pretty out for all to see!

hattierotters3as…some days are more surreal than others and all the better for it.

Scene: Gallery, frames & poses: BENT! – Escher Prop (not available anymore) | Framed Hats: Zibska – Zelle in Black, SpringSprangSprung, Loon Zeyphr B, Ayla Hat in Mare* | Otters: Ohmai! – Sea Otter Pets Silver & Onyx Pelts (not available currently) | Otter Accessories: Zibska – Raisa Hat & Raisa Necklace*

Body: Skin: The Plastik – Astrali Skin Asaia* | Eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes Sahara | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Veronica Licorice | Eye Makeup: Zibska – Cannand Purple*

Outfit: Dress, hat, earrings: Zibska – Kailani Berries*

Poses: Part of the gallery prop.

5 thoughts on “The Hatter Otters

  1. Thank you ❤ There's such fun in diving overboard of surreality that it never ceases to entertain me.

  2. This was such a fun read. 😀 And I’ve been seeing these otters everywhere, and my SLife depends on snagging one for myself. I need it!

  3. Thank you! I wish you good luck in finding a tiny otter rascal to terrorize your SLife, they are definitely amusing. The event where they were sold has ended though and as far as I know, Anya Ohmai does not have a store, only makes things for events, but perhaps she’ll bring them back eventually. Here’s to hoping!

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