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The Power of Words

The temptation to bring forth creatures from other realms with the power of words, the call of unknown, the intoxicating surge of power, the feel of complete control in your hands…

summoning1bsOr perhaps it is not a summoning, but transformation. Four guests arrived for dinner, but no one saw them leave. The remarkably exotic and strange menagerie of the marquessa did grow overnight, though…

summoning2bsThe power of words can also be in the lack of them. The lack of accusations, judgment, proof. No words, no problems. If an extraordinarily large amount of locals have suffered tragic (interplanar) travel accidents or decided to settle down into a simpler existence (in kennels), surely no one can point a finger at the richest woman in the march.

summoning3bsBesides, a simple life consisting of carrots or chasing fireflies solved all those pesky little problems they were complaining about. They should be grateful, truly.

The magic circle with books, spells and poses by (*chanimations, the skin, makeup, the horns and their accessories by The Plastik, the dress by The Lounge and the shoes by Bliensen + MaiTai are all from the current round of We Love Role-play Event. The torque and accompanying bracelets by lassitude & ennui can be purchased in this very last round of Zodiac.

Disclaimer: The summoning and/or transformation might or might not result in meeroos, bunnies, otters, ancient gods or prim-cube-headed newbs. None of the credited creators nor the writer are responsible for the outcome or the lack of it.

Scene: Building: Garden of Dreams – The Dining Room* | Furniture: ~Libertine~ The Marquis Set* | Magic Circle, Books, Spells & Poses: (*chanimations – Sourceress Set – Power of Word Update v.2.5* | Unfortunate Guests: Ozimals Bunnies, Meeroo & Ohmai Otter

Body: Skin: The Plastik – Astrali Skin Moon Elf* | Makeup: The Plastik – Soul Ink Reloaded Liner-Smudge & Ataciara Lip Stripe* | Eyes: IKON – Kaleido Eyes Day | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Sky Everett – Cerdwin Rococo Black

Outfit: Dress: The Lounge – The Marquessa Medieval Split Skirt & Ruffled Bodice Carnelian* | Necklace & Bracelets: lassitude & ennui – Lion’s Paw Torque Gold* | Horns, Earrings, Circlet, Lip Piercing: The Plastik – Camael Horns Black* | Shoes: Bliensen + MaiTai – Griselda2*

Poses: Part of the magic circle by (*chanimations.

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