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The Spiral Fades from View

“The ship has been repaired. I can see the crew testing the propellers, checking the engines, making sure the very last party people — still dancing — are escorted out. It seems Captain Gearsworth is ready to take her leave soon.”

journalist1cs“I find myself intrigued by the notion of simply stepping on the deck and feeling the world dropping behind as the ship takes flight to unknown destinations. Leave everything familiar and known behind.”

journalist2cs“Perhaps the good captain has room for a journalist in her crew. I could prove once and for all that the pen is mightier than the sword, if given a chance. Perhaps indeed.”

A Clockwork Spiral is winding to a halt: Sunday is the last official day, although it’s kept open through noon on Monday the 23rd, just to get the full five days in. It’s been five days full of wonderfully busy clockwork business, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m saying goodbye to the Spiral with this post, perhaps next year the Journalist will return as a member of Oflamingia’s crew. You can read more about the event here and catch the airship to the location here. The outfit by Senzafine and the top hat by {5&20} are available there. The skin by Essences is from The Dressing Room Fusion.

Scene: A Clockwork Spiral

Body: Skin: Essences – Amaterasu TDRF 02 brunette | Eyes: IKON – Horizon Eyes v2 Dark Turquoise XL | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Elikatira – Breathe Black 05 | Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1

Outfit: Dress: Senzafine – Miette Crimson* | Hat: {5&20} – Geared Up Topper in Black* | Glasses: December – Glasses No. 65 (old hunt gift)

Poses: Exposeur – When You’re Smiling 4 | N/A

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