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Sanctum Stone

They are all made of it, the angels. Sanctum stone, the same material as the cathedral they inhabit. They pose, adorn, guard, declare, point, celebrate. They are everywhere.


You may find them in the strangest of places, like the sculptor wanted to breathe life into stone, give them a will of their own. They might be guiding your way toward the heavens or found looking away to make a point.


The more you begin to notice them, the more you will start seeing them everywhere. In the corner of your eye, frozen in positions of movement, in the oddest little places, window framings, between the buildings, in the doorways. Behind you.


 They are made of Sanctum stone and they are everywhere. Especially where you don’t look.

I could not resist and I know I’m not the only one. You can join the increasing army of statues in Sanctum at Fantasy Faire. The skin, eyes and dress from Fallen Gods Inc. to truly match the cathedral are enhanced by the wings and hair from MacMoragh and Muse, both shops of course in Sanctum.

Scene: Sanctum

Skin, eyes, dress: Fallen Gods Inc. – Lacrimosa weeping PG*
Hair: MacMoragh and Muse – Stone Maiden Hair*
Wings: MacMoragh and Muse –  Stone Wings*

Poses: Kirin – Nina Pose 4 | .Infiniti. – Better To See You With 3 | :Picture This!: – Summoner 1



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