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The Kitten and the Tree

Miss Flufflepaw knew she shouldn’t go alone into the Faery Court, all the other Fang Fairies had told her it was too dangerous. “There’s wicked Unseelie there and they often like to pull the tails of dinkies and splash you right into the water from the air!”

kitten2bsBut there she was, right at the ginormous dual tree rising toward the sky: two intertwined tree trunks forming one bigger whole. She almost broke her little neck when she tried to see the top until she remembered she could fly!

kitten3bsThe tree felt alive under her small paws when she landed on top and she had a distinct feeling it might suddenly just swat her off with a branch — or catch her with some vile tree trick! She flew down before neither could happen, emitting a little hiss at the tree.

kitten5bsShe knew well that all the older Fang Fairies said that magics ran wild in the Court. Untamed, strong, wild and free and every bit as chaotic as magic was during its first days. She also knew that she was too curious for her own good, but all the changing lights were even better than the little teasing spots of light she sometimes chased!

kitten6bsPerhaps the strangely whispering plants were friendly, after all… maybe she just had to go closer and listen more carefully and they’d tell her all their secrets!

No dinkies were harmed during this trip and Miss Flufflepaw is perfectly alright and ready to head into new curious adventures, perhaps get stuck in that big tree, after all… Dinkies are delightful creations of Etheria Parrott of Tiny Inc. and the Tooth Fairy outfit by Kamasa Kutanaga is sold in Etheria’s Faire store in Wiggenstead Mooring at Fantasy Faire. The marvelously fabulous fang fairy adjusted hair is by Analog Dog, available in Heavenslough.

Scene: The Faery Court

Dinky Cat: Tiny Inc. – Lilac point mesh kitty avatar v 1.2
Outfit: Kamasa Kutanaga – Dinkie Girl Tooth Fairy Outfit
Hair: Analog Dog – Tootsie Splash
Flying Poses: .mien. {freestyle}


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