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Blogger Challenge: My New Shiny

“Do try these eggs,” the nixie boy said. “They’re from creatures that live only here in the Blackwater Glenn. The snail is especially tasty.”


“…things look swirly,” the rainbow fairy exhaled after having a nibble. “‘n funny coloured. Oh look, there’s glowing spirals dancing in the air!”


“Just you wait… a few moments more and things are even brighter,” the nixie boy smirked. The helper hare raised his lantern in acknowledgment and agreement.


And then… and then everything went really swirly and colourful and strange. Blackwater Glenn had a new mushroom growing within it.


Take heed when traveling in the Glenn, don’t touch glowing mushrooms and never, ever eat snacks offered by tricksy nixies!

There’s only few more days to go of this year’s Fantasy Faire, so I decided to do one of the challenges. Slightly embarrassing if I wouldn’t, since I set them all. All of my posts are pretty much Faire Folk, but this one is about new shinies: shops that are new to the blogger or thought to be new to the reader. As my genuine new shiny I present to you Polenth’s Mushporium, a shop that sells only mushrooms! Tiny avatars for the silly ones and beautiful landscaping ones for the serious people. You can find the shop in Wiggenstead Mooring. I’d also like to point out Gwen’s Hearth that sells noms of many kinds and many sizes and AnkleBiter that sells wonderful wares for the petites, both can be found in Sanctum.

The rainbow fairy petite by Fallen Gods Inc., the petite accessories and wings by AnkleBiter and the dubious nixie-offered nom by Gwen’s Hearth are all available in Sanctum. The nixie boy statue and the helper hare by meadowWorks are in Blackwater Glenn and the tiny shroomie avatar and the big purple shrooms in the last picture are from Polenth’s Mushporium in Wiggenstead Mooring. The rest of the scene and mushrooms are by The Looking Glass. The pictures were taken in Blackwater Glenn, but they also do sell the glowy mushrooms in their store in Blackwater Glenn.

Scene: Blackwater Glenn | Nixie & Hare: meadowWorks – Nixie Boy Statue & Bunny Path Light | Noms: Gwen’s Hearth – Fairy Robin Eggs and Snails | Purple Shrooms in Last Picture: Polenth’s Mushporium – Twilight Glow Mushrooms | Everything Else in the Scene: The Looking Glass

Rainbow Fairy: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Anima* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Brigitte Crystal violet | Wings, antenna, accessories: AnkleBiter – Stardust Outfit 

Shroomie: Polenth’s Mushporium – Tiny Avatar Shroomie Purple Art

Poses: Kirin – Florence Pose 7 | Musa – Gown Pose 10 | aDORKable Poses – Sunny 3m

One thought on “Blogger Challenge: My New Shiny

  1. i love how this little tale ties the Nixie & the bunny and in with the psychedelic mushrooms on Blackwater Glenn. a fantastic story, and I hope the fairy feels better in the morning.

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