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Protect your spark, cherish it, nourish it. For all its strength it is frail and easily extinguished. It is not the organ pumping blood within your body, it is not the grey matter calculating along the list of to-dos, it is the inviting dance of the muse, the divine inspiration, the delight in creation, in life. 


Defend it against the onslaught of musts, of urgent distractions, of practicalities and pragmatic thoughts. Give it time, give it space, give it peace and then simply breathe. Light the spark, feed it with indulgent care and joy, let it show you new sights with its radiance.


Existing is never the same as living, cold halogens never the same as a warm flame. We know this and yet we try to make do, afraid to search for the source of light, telling ourselves that things are more efficient without having to tend to that flickering spark, ignoring that without it we are not really happy, not really complete.


For perhaps we are the sparks of the universe that keeps on breathing to feed us, to see us blaze bright and brave.

Solaris, the complete Sun Goddess avatar by Fallen Gods Inc. is available in the Fortune Teller in Selidor and the prize includes her radiant male counterpart as well. You have until October 31st to find your match for (and according to) the Fortune Teller and transform into the brightest deity of the year. If the crowds have dispersed for a moment you can always ask in the Fallen Gods Inc. group if anyone would like to come over and test it out, the Fallens are usually very helpful in deifying people: strength in numbers, after all.

Once you find your divine form — sun or otherwise — you might as well take some pictures of your glory for the Fallen God and Goddess Election 2014. The deadline for sending in the pictures is October 17th, so there’s still plenty of time! After that the Fallen Anniversary Week begins with a special sun-themed market and a week of events, so keep an eye on the Fallen Gods Inc. website for news!

Complete Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Solaris Goddess, Fortune Ed.

Sun Sparkle Props & Poses: Astalianda – Sun Sparkle


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