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Occasional Orpheus

The scythe was absolutely useless against mushrooms, they either regenerated stronger than my dots, or if killed with dd, exploded in dots of their own. I checked out the frost focus in case I could freeze the lava to cross over to the channeling spot, but nope. Lava stayed lava and my gear was getting rather broken from all the deaths it and the mushrooms caused. I had to switch to my Uber Elemental Garb of Fireproofness and Stompy Boots of Kindling out of desperation.


So then I re-read the quest prompt, the whole poem about nature’s lullabies, and it hit me: the harp! All those hours multi-classing to bard finally paid off, the mushrooms changed colour and after the patch 5.3 I don’t look like I’m trying to bash someone’s head in with the harp when playing, which is a bonus.


Hopping up the lowered mushrooms finally got me to the achievement channel spot: months of pre-quests and grinding coming to culmination in this single two-second animation. No more harvesting thousands of mushrooms for the key or hoping the magma hippos drop the elemental hoof or that someone has completed the quest chain for the Irate Farmer so he’s asleep, leaving the door open from the left while you open the right side on the other side of the mountain… finally free!


[Achievement unlocked: Lava Gardener.] [Title Gained: Occasional Orpheus.] [Item Acquired: Mushroom Plant (Home Instance Harvestable)] [New Quest Unlocked: Epic Gardening 7!]

It never eeeeeeeends. But hey, at least you can look fancy while questing. The epic loot weapons by !dM deviousMind are available in Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The Fomhar dress by lassitude & ennui will be available on November 15th at The Secret Affair.

Scene: Environment: Garden of Dreams – Lava Lounge* | Mushrooms: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Whisp Shroom v2 Set*

Body: Skin: Jalwa – Sameena Salt Black Brow & LipStain Apricot 70%* | Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes Leonine | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Exile – Pick Up Lines | Liner: Beautiful Freak – Odetta Red* | Nails: Beautiful Freak – Romantic* | Body Parts: Slink – Physique, Casual Hands, High Feet

Outfit: Dress: lassitude & ennui – Fomhar Dress Red* | Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Obsession Sandals Black (physique & slink high)* | Cuffs: House of Rain – Abyssal Cuffs Ruby/Black* | Weapons: !dM deviousMind – Norath The Reaper’s Wrath, The Glass Canon of Destruction, Crystal Harp of the Valley* | Spell Effects: Solarium – ChaosHex Golden*

Poses: A part of !dM deviousMind – Norath The Glass Canon of Destruction* | Kirin – Florence Pose 1 | A part of Solarium – ChaosHex Golden*


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