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Critter Parade in the Fairelands

“Are you SURE this is the queue for the nom kiosk?” The fourth bunling sounded a bit dubious and tilted his ears matchingly.

“Of course!” answered the first bunling. “Just look at all of those locals lining up! They wouldn’t do that without a good reason.”

The other three bunlings nodded in unison. It made sense. They knew there was no better reason to queue than noms, after all. They stood still for another long moment before the second bunling piped up.

“But I don’t smell any noms!”

The other three sniffed the air thoughtfully. Grass. Flowers. Salty splashy big water. Sun-warmed stone. No noms.

“Maybe we should go see where the end of the line is?”

There was considerable headtilting at this. The third bunling nosed his ear in ponderings.

“Wouldn’t that be rude? They look like they’ve been waiting a long time.”

More nodnodding took place. Bunlings didn’t want to cut the line, they were happy to wait their turn.

“Maybe the kiosk isn’t open yet, and the queue will be shorter later on?”

This thought received several oooo-sounds and agreeing tail-wiggles.

“I know, let’s go find the others! ‘m sure they’re here… somewhere.”

Bunlings had journeyed into the Fairelands with a group of critters, but they had all hopped through different portals in the Junction, and scattered after all the squeesome things and magical scents.

“A QUEST!” the first bunling exclaimed, proud to remember the tricksy word. “We shall find them, ‘n then get rewards!”

“What kind of rewards?” The other bunlings were wide-eyed with excitement. The fourth one almost felled over.

The first bunling pondered for a moment, then nodded so deep his whiskers touched the ground. “Flags. There will be flags.”


There indeed are flags for anyone finding certain critters in the Fairelands. You can see all the absolutely srs critter-finding challenges on the Faire’s website, and whenever you find one of the critters in the picture, click them for a flag.

Absolutely SRS Critter Finding Challenge

PS: The bunlings are forming the orderly queue in the Faireland of Midas. Fantasy Faire is open April 18 – May 5, so visit them while they’re here!

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