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Critter Adventures in the Fairelands: Bunlings in Thornfast

“Maybe it’s a nice hotel for critters?” Bunling’s voice was slightly hesitant, albeit hopeful.

“With noms and spa and waterslides and clean under-couches and soft pillows and and-“ The other bunling sounded excited, although her ears were lowered.

“Yes!” The first bunling exclaimed, then peeked around nervously, in case something had heard him.

Neither bunling hopped up the next giant stair. The first one scuffed a small paw against the stone. The second examined her ear.

“Maybe the others went there, too?” Now both rose to hindpaws enough to try to peek toward the looming structure.

“Maybe we could knock on the threshold?”

“The gate is closed, there can be no hoomans inside.” Critters, naturally, would fit through the bars.

“Nor anything bigger!” This thought cheered them up considerably.

The first bunling raised his ears and hopped one step up. “Are we brave adventurers or bunlings!”

“Bunlings.” The second one hopped up despite her answer.

Hop by huge gravity-defying hop they moved toward the giant castle. Curiosity kills only cats, after all.


There are awesome critter-scribbled flags for anyone finding certain critters in the Fairelands. You can see all the absolutely srs critter-finding challenges on the Faire’s website, and whenever you find one of the critters in the picture, click them for a flag.

Absolutely SRS Critter Finding Challenge

PS: The bunlings are adventuring in the Faireland of Thornfast. Fantasy Faire is open April 18 – May 5, so visit them while they’re here!

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