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Fortunate Bunlings

“Hoomans say it’s been a bad year.” The smallest bunling nodded and twitched her whiskers nervously.

“What’s a year?” Another bunling was busy cleaning his ear, frowning slightly.

“Is the season circle,” knew one of the Squirrel Brothers, always up to date with Hooman Info.

“Ahaa.” Many fuzzy heads nodnodded, pondering.

“But we brought them Gud Njuus in the winter!”

“What can we do if even Gud Njuus don’t help?”

“Next year has to be better!”

Another squirrel dropped down from the nearby nut storage and hopped closer with a conspiratorial look.

“We can give them a sign.”

A moment of spontaneous cheering later the bunlings paused. “Like… ‘here’s gud noms, please take’ sign?”

“Or ‘vroomythings on road, be careful!’ sign?”

“Or ‘no going upstairs except on parti bisnes’ sign?”

The squirrel sighed. “No, a mysterious sign! A symbol of Good Things to Come.”

“Oooooooo.” Bunlings liked mysterious things. They were usually sparkly-glowy and tickled.

The squirrel tilted his head back and forth a bit and then nodded. “You. You’re a symbol of good things to come.” He pointed at the smallest bunling, who tried to look behind herself and tumbled over. She blinked.

“You shall infiltrate the Fortune Telling Pool of This Is Not Really For Swimming, Get Out of Here!” He nodded. “And when the Sparkly Lady of Future Things comes to look into the pool, tadaaa! You shall hop up! ‘n be a Sign.”

The smallest bunling inspected herself, looking confused. “But there’s no hooman scribble marks on me. How do they know what the sign… what I say? I don’t speak hooman!”

“You’re a Symbol! Symbols don’t need to talk. They’re mysteeeeerious. They just are, and hoomans write on them in their miiiinds. ‘s allgud! Brilliant plan! Onwards!”

And that is how the Lady of Future and Fortune found a small bunling peeking up at her, as a Sign and Symbol that surely the times will eventually provide something comforting and delightful.


The picture is taken for Fallen God & Goddess Contest 2020. The deadline to deliver pictures is on Saturday, October 10th, at 11 PM SLT. Info and rules can be found here: Fallen God & Goddess Contest 2020.

The contest is a part of Fallen Gods Inc. 13th Anniversary, which includes hunts, market, events and much more! Read details here: Fallen Gods Inc. 13th Anniversary

The sparkly-glowy Lady of Future Things consists of:

Skin, PG Covering & Star Clusters:
Fallen Gods Inc. – Expanding Universe Psychic Opals

Face Tattoo:
Fallen Gods Inc. – Allseeing, face + Glitch Filigree
(Available in Seeker of Memories hunt for October 2020)

Magika – Empty Gold Hair
Izzie’s Demon Eyes
Head: LOGO Alexis
Body: Maitreya Lara
Hands: Slink
Pose: Astalianda – Oracle (available at Fallen Gods Inc. Anniversary Festival Market)

Bunling: !Ohmai – Mochi Bunny

Pool of Definitely Not For Swimming:
Oracle Pool, available in the Prophecy Hunt as a part of the Fallen Gods Inc. 13th Mementos prize

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