Summer Is All About Strawberries~

At least here in Finland. We have a strawberry season for about two months, if we’re lucky. Foreign strawberries don’t taste as good and are a poor substitute, thus no amount of importing will fix this matter. Summer is about strawberries and Finns are like kids in a candy store, buying boxes of strawberries and just noming them as they are. ^_^ …because who could -wait- to make something out of them, seriously? <.<

Anyways! Magic of OzOzimals have a Strawberry Festival going on! It’s not really a hunt since all you need to do is pick up your strawberry basket from Magic of Oz sim, go to for example the little mall area in the same sim and click the strawberries that keep respawning. After every six strawberries you get a blue menu asking which shop’s fork you want. There’s 16 shops involved altogether. When you have a fork (although I’d recommend getting all the ones you want first), you visit their shops in either of the sims, wear the fork and click it when standing near a cake in their booth. Then you get the prize. All of course strawberry themed.

The super cutesy strawberry outfit is from katat0nik, except for the socks and wristlettes from Silent Sparrow. The barrettes are from Blackberry Jam and the cute tag with a red ribbon is from Scribble. The tree with a strawberry light on the left is from Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations, the barrels from veLveteen and the flower arrangement from ~Houses For You~. Hair from LOQ and skin from Djinn & Tonic are not a part of the hunt~

Random close-up is random! Sanu had provided adorable earrings (and a necklace and a crayon ^^) and Evie had this wonderful wreath. Eyes from Poetic Colors ❤ (not a part of the festival)

There’s cute and there’s cute and then there’s Risusipo. ^.^ They had this bunny tiny with a strawberry dress, a chipmunk tiny with a strawberry dress -and- a normal human woman sized strawberry dress as well! Kahlua is balancing a finch from Schadenfreude on top of her head. They’re really shoulder-pet-birdies, but the dress was rather busy as it was! Cute non-festival related Happy Mood things on the background! (Stump, bunny, birdies~)

I didn’t show off everything, but these are my favorites. Remember, all the shops are in either Magic of Oz or Ozimals sims. Easy and fun — as long as lag doesn’t hit you~

Geeks FTW!

There’s a Geekgasm Hunt going on. O.O 50 shops, good organization, excellent quality. Join the group and check the notices for a list of SLURLs and hints. Most of the prizes were easy to find, but there were a handful that were challenging enough to require a couple of visits.

And without further ado… here’s some of my favorites!

Of course I had Cappuccino with me in these pictures! He -is- the nerd bunny, after all. He’s busy rolling a ranger here, yesyes. The table is DnD 3.5 Edition Gaming Table from Sweet Agony Designs. The books had links to the online versions of the books and it was more or less fully playable. Wonderful idea and it did make me squee — until I realized its permissions had one of my biggest pet peeves. Non-linked and non-copy. -.- This means that to move the table or to rez it more than once you need to add and place all the books and sheets and dice and things one by one. Sadness.

Avatar Bizarre had Doctor Who (Fourth) hat and scarf! I admit that I’m a bad Who fangirl and haven’t watched the old stuff, but it made me squee regardless. ^^ The ‘Big in Japan’ shirt is from Fab.Pony, the sweater over it from Pig Shop. The plaid shorts are from Cool Beans, the lunchbox from A-Bomb and the glasses — there were lots and lots of them in the hunt, for obvious reasons — are from Ol’Dirty Bastards. Pose is by [face] and I should really be holding the included light saber with it, but my Who-geek rather had the lunchbox.

The skybox is the same in all these pictures and it’s not from the hunt. It’s by Orange Peel and I think it was a prize from Lost My Marbles Hunt since it’s delightfully upside down. I figured it was fitting for the geek theme. So all the furniture you see upside down in the picture is a part of the skybox. Oh, and the Mario mushroom lamps in the background are from Croire.

I know what I’m wearing the next time there’s a crazy-hat-party! Piranha Plant Hat by Intrigue Co. is awesome. Yes, it’s noming your head. ^^ Tetris mini dress and mouthie thing are from Relentless Couture and the G33K spelling necklace from Malizz Yiyuan Creation.

There were no hairs in the hunt gifts, so I’m using my own. The bob from lamb. in the first two (perfect hat hair) and a messier one from Curious Kitties in the last picture. The eyes are from Poetic Colors and not free nor a part of the hunt. The skin is a hunt prize from Skinthesis and the same in all three pics. There were more skins, but this one was my favorite. It’s called Droogette for the reasons that should be obvious with the last picture. Oh, there was also Droog skin for boys included.

These tattoos by Soap were also squee-worthy idea. As for the skin, I removed the prim lashes just to show off the right eye’s make-up. The necklace is from Loulou&Co. The couch is from {what next}, the painting is a part of the skybox. Pose by Pretzel*Poses (not a part of the hunt). Cappuccino is holding a little staff pin notecard thingie from Medley that says: “Hello my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” ^_^

All in all it was a geeky-cute theme, wonderful quality, exceptionally well organized (duh, it was done by geeks <.<) and I sincerely hope they’ll do another one later!

Shameless Plug for Niceness~

I love lucky chairs. Who wouldn’t? If there’s things I’d wear — and I am horribly picky, I admit this — I often stand in front of one for hours while handling other things at the same time, leaving just the chair bit and the chatbox visible on the screen. Yesterday Athelia had informed me of the too-good-to-be-true freebie bangles and after I had picked them up and hit the shop’s subscribo, I looked around, blinked at the awesomeness and quality and set myself in front of the lucky chair while handling the bunny records.

Then, out of the blue, the shop’s owner IMs me and asks if I’m after something specific in the lucky chair. I had barely looked since I knew by the general quality of the store that whatever I’d manage to get would be great. I quickly checked what the chair had eaten and mentioned something that sounded cute. She gave me a fatpack of them. I blinked and boggled and tried to recover and we chatted on. While we talked, she gave me several more things out of the blue. She said that to some it might seem like a bad business move to give out freebies like that, but she thinks it’s all fine and good if people see other people wearing her jewelry.

I am still so shocked (in a good way) by this that I decided that instead of only wearing her jewelry — which I so will, squee! — I shall make a blog post about the pretties. Not only because they are awesome, but because niceness should be rewarded and encouraged and there is never enough of it in the world. ❤

The shop is called Mariposa and here are some of my favorites…

This set of necklace, bracelet and earrings is very summery and can also be worn with more native looks.  I make various fantasy / historical looks all the time, these things are important! The necklace came with both chest and spine attach versions and immediately sat well without zillion twists and turns in edit mode. Too many necklaces are made for shoulders so wide that no matter how you set it, there’s extra space. This was just perfect at one go.

None of my girl bunnies were awake for a casual jewelry picture and thus poor Frappe had to pose. He’s trying to hide his horror, but his ears were twitching. The dress is from Salire and if you’ve never visited, I warmly recommend. Cutesy little dresses in ridiculous low prices. Hair Sky Everett, skin Djinn & Tonic, eyes Poetic Colors.

This is the fatpack of jewelry (plus bracelet that is not in the picture). Oh so many different gems and colours in either bronze or silver. I used to wear a necklace like this in red in RL a lot at one point in my life and I squeed when I unpacked all of this, I assure you. The silver-blue combo will become a staple. *nods* Just wanted to show the bronze-orange one because it matched the background so well. Hair is from Waka & Yuki (old lucky board), eyes from Poetic Colors and for once the Djinn & Tonic skin is without the lipstick!

I have to show the too-good-to-be-true freebie bangles as well, right? They are awesome and spiky and punksy. Thus I couldn’t really take casual shots out of them either. …and as I was building a look around them, I sort of went overboard. You know how I am. *grins*

Awesome freebie bangles are awesome, hmm? Oh, and the lip piercing is from the lucky chair! Hair is from eXceSs (Hybrid Hunt gift, going on until 1st July), skin from Red Queen, eyes from Urban Dare and the vest from Aoharu. Pose by Niqotine (closed down).

There are also more girlier pretty freebies, but these were simply breathtaking in the awesome level. Now go and visit, check out the rest of the things and enjoy the shinies!

Freebie Series, Part 1 – Maija

Sometimes I get an urge to blog, but there’s nothing absolutely awesome going on on the grid. This is sad. ;_;  I’m also horribly picky.  I like themes. I like to build sets and scenes. I like to put together looks in a fashion that is more about creating a character than anything else.

Therefore I’m starting a new random series of posts: freebie series. To challenge myself I’m really going to keep it full freebies, as in not even dollarbies are allowed. Obviously I can’t access new-resident-only things and I don’t do pick prizes so those two are out. Anything else goes.

The base idea is to create a home from a freebie skybox or house, furnish it with freebie furniture and then create a character who would live there. Match the home and the avatar. There are way too few furniture and house blogs so… adding a little to that! This is also my attempt to prove that really, there is no excuse to walk around looking like you escaped from a time capsule. Looking good does not cost anything in SL, honest.

This look started from that hair. It demanded to be blogged. It’s by ZEUS and it was a part of the Shooting Star Hunt. It’s scripted to colour change between brown and red, and there’s several different scarf colours as well. I have a RL friend who once upon a time had this hairdo, more or less. When I realized this — after I had already taken these pics — I also realized that I had actually matched the rest of the outfit and colours and things exactly to what I think she’d wear or like. So, Maija — this post is for you. ❤

The skin is by Heaven Sella, her work is often under Heaven’s Skin or Heaven’s Shapes or Heaven’s Gate and they’re always the ultimate kawaii innocence. The sparkles and paintsplashes on her cheeks are actually part of the lashes, which in part were a part of the Shooting Star Hunt gift from Dimbula Rose. …too many parts in one sentence. Anyways! Eyes are the latest freebie from Poetic Colors and they are as breathtaking as always. Jewelry is from Bliensen + MaiTai, very summer-flowery set of earrings and necklace. The little red wagon with flower pots is from Petunia (from the Believe Hunt) and the wall painting is one of the freebies from UrbanizeD.

The outfit is a combo from the gifts of Malt (top), WoE (pants) and Concrete Flowers (gloves). The poses in this and the first picture are by Modd.G and all of the outfit and the poses were picked up from the FabFree Headquarters.  If you haven’t stopped there for a while (or ever), I recommend hopping over just to check. There’s a lot of random gifts from a surprisingly high class list of designers.

The house is a cute little one-room thing from Modest House. The bookshelves, fruit basket and the floor pillows are all from Pestique, who was participating in both Lost My Marbles Hunt and Dark Katz Hunt. The easel is from UrbanARTs and the owls are another wall tattoo painting thing, this one from If Walls Could Talk. I resized it smaller to guard over the books~

The couch with a lot of poses is from Interior Addiction and is their prize in the Shooting Star Hunt. The moon lamp that randomly matched its tone is actually from Kuri Style and from a set of several other lamps of similar theme. The amusing picture collection on the wall is from Cheap Cheap, another wonderful furniture find in the world of kawaii and quirky. The sandals are the classic Lassitude & Ennui signature sandals that I’ve had forever. I went over and checked that they were still there and still available, which they were. Always a pleasure to find out that some good things stay on the grid!

So, there you have it — a mix of artistic and kawaii, homecrafted quality and quirk — perfect for summer~

Telltale Ravens

The Macabre Hunt is going on again and this time the theme is the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The hunt is relatively short, only 52 shops (of which three are sort of awol and one apologized for being late and promised to send the gift later), so it’s really an evening run.

Annabel Lee was one of the popular inspirations and here we have a full-fledged sepulchre from Bambi’s. The dress is by A Netherworld, skin by Rasetsukoku, eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing, necklace from AZE Designs and the hair and the earrings from Sky Everett (not a part of the hunt). The pose (by Essential Soul) is called Tiptoe, but it had this lovely eerie ghost-reaching-out quality to it when combined with the look.

This burlesque Lenore outfit set called for a very different style of macabre… it’s by Violent Seduction and absolutely gorgeous. The tophat is from Dead Designs, bloody knives from ODB (Ol’Dirty Bastards) and telltale heart attachment from Grim Bros. Skin is from Nightshade and the red glowing prim eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing. The hair is an old Starlust Valentine Hunt gift, since there were no hairs in this hunt at all. Sadness. ;_; The bed is from Tree House Treasures.

There were two different crypts to entomb Fortunato in, this one is by Saturnine Dreams. The strangely cute crow bone tophat has a birdie caught in it and is from Forsaken. Hair by Curious Kitties is not a part of the hunt. Skin and eyes from Not Button’s. Little Pricks provided several versions of this telltale heart necklace, pulsing and not. The dress is from Rotten Defiance.

The Oval Portrait received several interpretations as well, both in painting and otherwise. The strange building by Daallinii’s Creations was one of them. You are invited to walk around a room and as you walk, the story appears on the floor until you finally stand in front of a door. When you enter the story ends with this sentence on the floor and the painting facing you. The raven from MadPea is awesome and defaults to sit on your shoulder. Dress is from Gehenna, the mask from Othrive and the writing tattoo from Little Pricks. Skin from Tacky Star, eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing and the hair is by Sky Everett and not a part of the hunt. I used an old full-perm ‘lay dead’ pose for this, the building itself has no poses.

There were plenty of interesting and quirky things in the hunt, now go out there and find your own favorites~

Must… have… popcorn…

Now, you all know that I love strange, quirky, eccentric things. Look at the blog — the only times I bother to post is when there’s something weird going on! The latest addition to this is the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. The participating shop list is ridiculously fantastic and high quality, and the prize items get an A for quality. However, I must wonder why not even half of the items had anything to do with zombies. O.o Much hat-tipping and kudos to those designers who went with the theme and had fun!

There was only one skybox in the hunt and although it was awesome, it was space themed. *blinks* So I rezed an old haunted house from Tuft to work as the background instead! The poses that have nothing to do with furniture are from Poses4Posers, who had created an absolutely delightful set of zombie poses for the hunt. My favorite item from the whole hunt is this skin by Plastik (a male version included as well), and I’ll show some of the other random nifty varied things and different zombie looks. Here we have a striped mini dress and matching socks and gloves from Acid & Mala. They included a clean version for non-zombie days as well. Shoes are from Ducknipple, belt from Loulou&Co, hair from Amacci, eyes from Plastik and the necklace from noir*lily.

Here we have an innocent little zombie girl, waiting for her dinner date, obviously feeling rather moping since he hasn’t showed up. The hilarious bed with two menus worth of poses (including jumping on the bed animation) is from Concrete Flowers. Skin is from Imabee, hair from IrEn, eyes from Kosh, bracelets from Loulou&Co and the dress from A-Bomb. So sweet, so adorable, so slightly demented circus-vibe. Perfect for cutesy zombie girls!

And here we have the reason why the dinner date never showed up. Didn’t get past the movie invitation downstairs. Seems he was delicious~ This zombie girl is obviously more of a tomboy and is dressed in male gifts from the hunt. Shoes from A-Bomb, outfit from DeeTaleZ and hair from Exile. I added the necklace from Gems & Kisses and the belt from Loulou&Co for some feminine touch, and the Plastik skin is of course the female version. The blood on the hands is from the earlier posted Acid & Mala outfit. Chaise is from Blue MoonPie, brains lunchbag from Intrigue Co and the zombie popcorn bag is what you get when you hit the hunt subscribo.

I have a feeling that when this particular zombie girl hears that someone hogged all the noms, there’s gonna be trouble. Plastik skin, Kosh eyes, MADesigns hair, Para Designs tattoo, iPoke piercing and Loulou&Co bracelet. The mini dress with the skull corsage is from III and the blood and scar layers are from dEVOL. The strangely disco armchair is from SHAG and the paper lanterns from Turnip’s Homes and Stuff.

Here’s something you don’t get to see often in this blog: blonde hair! I wasn’t going to, but then I ran into the skin from Glam Affair and had a vision of a Marilyn zombie. I wish I had had a blood-spattered torn classic white Marilyn dress to go with it, but… this’ll do. ^_^ Hair is from Exile, eyes from Plastik, all the blood and scars from dEVOL, necklace from Gems & Kisses, belt and bracelets from Loulou&Co, pose from Poses4Posers and the camo dress from Pesto.

Something about zombies and circus just works so well together. Here we have another mix of demented circus looks! Dress from Miamai, shoes from A-Bomb, gloves and stockings from Acid & Mala, skin from Imabee, eyes from Kosh and the funny hat hair from Posh. Pose one of those Poses4Posers zombie ones~

And then it’s time to box the zombies again, until next time! I love this random stealth box from Cloud 9.1 — no one suspects a boxed zombie! The skin from Fallen Style has the mouth sewn shut and a little scar near one of the eyes, the rest of the scars and blood are the courtesy of dEVOL. The yellow reptilian eyes are from Nut’s gift. You can also catch a glimpse of the spiked bracelet from Blitzed.

So there. Go out there, hunt for zombies, take their popcorn and run!

Once a year~


Today is Pink Shirt Day, also known as Anti-Bullying Day. I admit that I hadn’t heard about this before, but I fully support the idea. Who wouldn’t? There’s an excellent post about this in FabFree blog and a list of designers who have created and give out pink things for this day in Schnappi’s blog.

So, for one day and one day only: Sonya voluntarily wearing something pink!

Latte wanted to pose for the Pink Shirt Day since she’s certain that if she had to live as a human, she’d get bullied because she’s so tiny. Bunnies are very much anti-bullying, thank you very much.

The nifty pink coat is from SD Wears (subscribo gift), bracelets from Violet Voltaire, hair Sky Everett, skin Djinn & Tonic and the pose in the lower picture from Long Awkward Pose. They have a whole set of bunny poses, which is every possible kind of awesome. Background in the lower picture has mainly mushrooms from New Trails and in the upper one the cottage from Zacca and a couple of couches from Kusshon. Oh, and my mp3-player from Hermes has an iTuTu frame~

Now remember, kids (and adults behaving like kids), if you have an actual healthy self-esteem, you don’t have to make others feel bad just to try and feel better about yourself. It won’t work.


La Vie Kawaii~

Also called ‘how we moved from a gothic manor into a garden cottage and squeed~’. Now, I’m going to try to pretend that this isn’t a completely self-indulgent post about home and hearth and bunnies, and all the avatars who run around in the said home, but… yeah. But hey. I am filling a gaping hole in the blog-verse by blogging about garden and yard items! There is so much awesome out there on the grid and no one ever blogs about it. I shall! Oh so reluctantly, yes. *coughs*

So let us start with the girl trio running amok on the grounds, here comfortably posing on top of the bubble chairs from Happy Mood~

The background scenery you see in every picture is this awesome megaprim with windy moors on it. It’s from Two Moon Studios and keeps up our immersion of not at all being situated near random shops or other people. Noes, we live in solitude (and cuteness) somewhere far, far away. The hills with big trees on them are also from Happy Mood. As for what we’re wearing… on the left is Sonya with Rotten Toe dress, Grim Bros shoes, C&D Benelli tights, Nightshade neck ribbon, Curious Kitties hair, Bastchild wrist corsage, Djinn & Tonic skin and an umbrella from Weather! or Not?. In the middle is Loki in Frick skin, Vixen hair, Brocade Tiger pants, Grendel tattoos, Phoenix Designs boots, Rag Dollz leg pistol & strap, CatniP bracers, Haven Designs top, Manna belt, Belle Belle goggles properly on her eyes and other pair of goggles from Hat Mechanic around her neck, because you can’t have too many goggles! Athelia on the right has Trap skin, Magika hair, Manticorp goggles, Rotten Toe dress & socks, Manna belt, Katat0nik shoes, Violet Voltaire necklace and Sweetest Good-bye armwarmers.

The yard is wonderful place for lounging about and having picnics. Who needs a kitchen table when you can do this?

That’s Loki and Sonya and a poor SL-bugged Happy Mood bunny. That or he’s getting into the Ozimals-mood and has decided he’s a mutant with black ears. <.< I’ll get into what we’re noming in just a moment, but first look at the scenery. How pretty is that? There’s mushrooms from New Trails, trees from Fox Labs, sparkly bubble chairs from Happy Mood, elven light tree branch thing from Forest Floor and of course the magically lit ground which is a mix from the products of Happy Mood and iTuTu. Sonya’s pose is from Ana_mations and Loki’s from Niqotine.

Here’s a close-up that drove us all into nom-craving. @.@

The lovely Japanese lunchbox setting is from Love Soul. It has two different caterings that you pick by touching it. The sushi roll mats (one open, one rolled) are from Sanu, the cookie jar is from Magic Nook and gives cookies when you click it, the tray is from Kinema no Tsuki, the coffee pot on it from Oblonski and the apple pie slices and cups on it from Falln. Sonya is wearing frilly shorts by LeeZu, top by Sn@tch, Waka & Yuki hair, Yabusaka sandals, Djinn & Tonic skin and a nom in her mouth is from Sanu. Loki is noming on a mousie mouth cupcake by Sanu and is wearing Maschienenwerk skin, Discord Designs hair, Peppermint Blue top, DV8 capris, Truth shoes, Ginza necklace and her practically trademark tattoos from Grendel’s Children.

Not everyone is happy with all this sparkly cuteness, of course. It is not, how shall we say this… very manly. *grins* Here we have Janos sulking at the fence, refusing to go to the guuuuuuurly area. Obviously the bubbles might give him cooties.

This from a guy with a panda cupcake on his shoulder… anyways! He’s sulking behind a fence from iTuTu, the inviting lanterns are from Zacca and they frame the path from Fox Labs. The flowers are from iTuTu and the trees in the distance are from Fox Labs. You all know by now that the bubbles are Happy Mood. ^_^ Janos is wearing an awesome sad panda tee from Before Sleep, panda cuppycake on his shoulder from Sanu, GQ Fashions pants, Discord boots, Kosh belt, Nosotr@s tattoos on his arms and Sassy Kitty Designs gloves. His skin is from Corrupted Innocence, pose from Snooky’s Poses and hair from Black Maria.

Even Aleksander, who has reluctantly set all this cuteness down for us, more or less escaped to the roof when requested to pose within it. Eventually he agreed to do sort of royal pose, especially after Vanis said he’d help the impression with a bodyguard pose! He’s obviously an elven assassin protecting the Black King. <.<

They’re on the roof of the cottage from Zacca, the background showing some Happy Mood birds, summer festival decorations from Nonino and flowers from MiaSofia. Aleksander is wearing The Abyss skin, Sadistic Hacker hair, Illusions ears, KWZ suit and Treads boots. Vanis is wearing Excess skin, Sadistic Hacker hair, Buried ears, LNL suit, pocket watch & gun and hoorenbeek boots.

Now, the only exception to the rule is of course Vanis. He doesn’t object to the sparkles, he thinks they accentuate him! This is why when Aleksander turns his back, Vanis sneaks off to woo his protegee. Or some such. Yesyes, we have way too much with all of this. *grins*

Athelia called this combination of looks ‘seducing angels down from heaven’. It was pretty appropriate, I must say. Athelia is all ethereal in a gown from Evie’s Closet, wearing Trap skin, ETD hair and Illusions ears. Vanis, on the other hand, is very much flesh and blood in his Excess skin, Calico Ingmann hair, Buried ears and DeLa armwarmers. He’s also wearing RFyre pants, Blitzed belt and tattoos. The snake one around his neck is from Demise, the arm ones are from Crimson Shadow.

Here’s the inevitable result of the dancing, of course. Athelia’s gown might have turned red, but it is still from Evie’s Closet! Not that we love Evie’s gowns or anything, noes. <.< Her now-black hair is from Sky Everett, but otherwise she’s the same. Vanis returned to his demented colour palette with the Excess hat hair and League gloves. The summer festival decorations are from Nonino, the tree and hill are from Happy Mood, lantern from Zacca, white flowers from iTuTu and red flowers from MiaSnow.

It’s needless to say that I’m of course having a blast with the surroundings and enjoying the looks, no matter what the boy avis say. Who knows, we might get some sort of steampunk gear factory or scifi ship the next time Aleksander rips the whole sim apart and builds anew, so better enjoy it while we can!

Butterfly on the nose (with the pose) from LAP (I adore it <3). LeeZu dress, Dark Eden wrist roses, Exxess Designs hair, Djinn & Tonic skin. Happy Mood treestump, bunny and birdies~

And why the title? Because most of the sim is a mix of Happy Mood, iTuTu, Zacca and Nonino — all Japanese designers. If you haven’t visited them, please do. It’ll make you squee, I promise~

Crazy hairs make the bunny squee~

But you all knew that already, hm? It’s no secret that strange, big hairdos are one of my shopping weaknesses in SL. I might run around mostly in one of Sky Everett’s updos or lamb.’s bob, but give me an excuse to go crazy with hair and you have my attention — and lindens.

So when I heard that there was a hunt coming up that was concentrating only on those, it was an instant child-waiting-for-christmas reaction. And now it’s finally here! The Crazy-Arse Hair Hunt begins in The U-neek, has 40 handpicked participating shops and lasts until the end of April. And now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you my favorites!

I can’t speak of hair and not bring out — and begin — with Sky Everett. I’m so used to her big hairdos that I didn’t even consider this crazy by any means! Although it gave me an urge to get a moth-eaten ghostly greyscale ballgown to complete the look… Skin by Frick, eyes by Fan3 with the addition of Vision’s glow prims, background from MH Creations’ picture box.

Here we’re beginning to hit the crazy phase — Anemone hair from Nevermind included the feather ornament and was absolutely stunning and full of attitude. I completed the look with a skin from Red Queen and eyes from House of Ruin. Picture taken in a skybox from Sugar.Snap.Me.

Finally a hair to match this Foam skin! Griddie’s hair actually came in several different tones, but this teal cried out for a water elemental photoshoot, so I ported over to Fallen Gods Inc, went underwater and started taking pictures. Both the skin and the eyes are also from Fallen Gods Inc and no, the hair doesn’t really glow like that, there are fishies swimming and flickering through the textures, you know how it goes. I thought it was pretty, so I happily took advantage of SL’s bugs. *grins*

I climbed out of the water and into the nearest palm tree. Obviously the sim worked perfectly for my banana jungle shots, as well! The hair is from Bare Rose, and yes, it has bananas. The other possibility I considered was to do a Josephine Baker look, but my inventory failed to produce awesome banana pin-up outfits. Sadness. Skin is by Frick, eyes by Arondelle Ladybird for the Twisted Hunt with the glow effect prims from Vision. The leaf pasties are by Fallen Gods Inc.

I was really torn with this garden — on one hand I wanted to do exactly this: a crazy plant elemental blooming in the spring, but oh how it called for a Versailles look as well. This is not even hair anymore, this is a showpiece, a crazy combination of things carried on your head. It’s impressing, enchanting and would break women’s necks like snap in RL! It’s from a shop called 3636. Skin by Fallen Gods Inc, eyes by Poetic Colors, picture taken in our backyard~

Here we have a hairdo from one of my Squee Shops, Tekeli-li. They make fantasy hairdos, jewelry, clothes-made-of-jewelry and weapons-that-look-like-jewelry. It calls to the magpie in my heart. ❤ The hair was a Lovecraftian construction, and the moving eye in the bone headpiece was awesome, but the arrangement of the tentacle-like hair made me think of Egypt, perhaps some demented Egyptian sorceress and summoner… Skin by Red Queen, eyes by House of Ruin, Egyptian tattoos by Fallen Gods Inc, picture taken in an egyptian house by Atom Burma.

You can’t have crazy hair hunt without Curious Kitties. They constantly make wonderfully strange fantasy and anime hairdos that make me squee. This one isn’t an exception. In fact, it calls for a red/purple queen look with bloody axes and a lot of head-offing! Skin is by Sn@tch, eyes by Prim & Pixel Paradise with Vision’s glow prims and the picture is taken in a voodoo store by Tuft.

This was of course just a small sample of the strangeness and if you wish to see previews of the rest, I recommend visiting FabFree or Schnappi’s blogs (both listed in the Freebie Blogs on this page). Then get out there and enjoy the weirdness~

Blogged to be Wild~

It’s about time the concept behind Creator’s Stamp Rally started spreading! It is an awesome one, and guarantees that the traffic in the shops actually pays attention to the products that are for sale instead of just wireframing through them. Not that I ever do that, noes. *coughs* Anyways, I’m talking about Wild Released. If you’re blinking cluelessly at the screen, please to be clicking that link and reading more from there~

I absolutely had to have three of the prizes. This meant I had to find three things with the card to buy! Onoes, I was forced to shop in my favorite stores, how shall I ever recover from this? Woe is me and so forth. Aand then to the things I bought! ^_^

I’ve been wanting to buy this dress from FlipSide for quite a while. It came with several colours, but this blue was so stunning that it became the theme for the whole picture. The dress comes with modesty bra whatnot, but seriously — who buys this dress to be modest? Not me. The picture is taken in the skybox by C&D Designs, I absolutely adore that blue wall in it. Speaking of things I adore: Mandala bracelets. The usual get-up of Djinn & Tonic skin, Sky Everett hair, EarthStones eyes otherwise.

I’ve always loved well-made pencil-skirts and high-waisted skirts (and pants) and generally all of that type of vintage look. It also fits perfectly for the character Sonya was originally created to portrait and roleplay. The outfit is from Silent Sparrow — so much squee for being forced to shop there, alas, alas! *grins* The skybox with the raven painting is from Coco’s Cottages, the desk is from Princess Gear. The necklace is from Kosh and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately with different looks, I might have to buy more from that set one of these days. The bob from lamb. is still awesome and the rest is the default look like in the FlipSide’s picture.

It’s PG, honest! *coughs* All the bits that matter are covered and I just couldn’t ruin the perfection of these tattoos with clothes. Fallen Gods Inc has always created breathtaking things, but these tattoos were a must-have. And since I generally tend to be in a drow or other dark fantasy skin when wearing this much of tattoos, I bought them in white. Drow ears with jewelry are from Illusions, the hair is from Exxess Designs, eyes from Absentia and the drow skin is from Realms of Aledar newbie packet. The picture is taken in the Voodoo Child skybox from Not Too Shabby and it’s one of my all-time favorite skyboxes for taking screenies in.

So, what did I pick as the rewards for my shopping spree? Here, I managed to put two of the prizes in one picture and yes, it’s still somewhere within the realm of strategically covered… but like above, this skin will not tolerate clothes to ruin the perfection!

The skin is the prize by Fallen Gods Inc and it is absolutely ridiculously gorgeous. The tone is slightly too approaching pink tones for me, but when I put the demo on I just knew I had to have it, regardless. So I did, right after I picked my jaw from the floor. The horns from Trap were another such prize… the textures were simply whimper-worthy. Combine the two and you have a lazy snake sunning in our garden~ Eyes are from Gothic Dreams and the hair from BeReal. The log is from iTuTu. ^_^

Yes, you can look again, I put clothes back on. *grins* Although I blog it last, this prize is what I picked first. I mean… seriously, Silent Sparrow making a steampunk dress? Gimme! I’m not that big a fan of brown usually, but for steampunk I make an exception and wander into the brown-brass areas, and these browns are simply -delicious- in tone. The picture is taken in a steampunk cottage from Builders Brewery. It was a Steam Hunt prize, as were also the hat from Illusions and the clockwork squirrel from Myrtil’s Mess. The armchair is from Ambiance, a part of the ongoing Second Style promotion. Hair from Vixen, choker from CatniP. Usual Djinn & Tonic skin and EarthStones eyes combo as the base.

All I need to do now is resist the temptation to buy something else to get more of the Wild exclusive prizes… <.<