The Goblin Queen

“More loots. That’s what it’s all about, you know, being a Queen. You get to choose first from everything’s that’s raided, stolen, scavenged and generally looted and pillaged all over.”


“See my helmet? From the leader of some fancy wing zooming folks …somewhere. If not a leader, at least an officer. At least it looks like it, yah? Freaking fanciest thing I’ve ever worn, had to have at least ten sticky-handed gobs kicked in the trenches for trying to claim it first, the ingrates.”


“The sword? From some barbarian fellow. Made a lot of noise, was practically naked, completely not poison-dart-proofed. ‘s heavy like seven hells, but it looks impressive!”


“The important thing is to make sure you have fancy boots, tallest helm and a lot of magic on your side. ‘s what they respect: big helmets and shiny footwear. ‘n some blood magic goes a loooong way.”

This post is befittingly about the Fantasy Faire Blogger Challenge: My New Shiny. Before this Faire I had never heard of LURE, Fallen Arms or Cole’s Corner, all of which are new shinies for me. I’m especially recommending catching the upcoming original music and particle show by ColeMarie Soleil, the creator of Cole’s Corner. The encore of her breathtakingly enchanting performance will take place in Ichi-go Ichi-e on Sunday, May 3rd at 12-2pm.

You can find Eclectica and Cole’s Corner in Ichi-go Ichi-e, Alegria Studio in Aurora, Spyralle and Wasabi Pills in Odyssey, *~*HopScotch*~* in Poppetsborough and LURE and Fallen Arms in Tangleshimmer Grove.

Scene: Tangleshimmer Grove by Searlait Nitschke at Fantasy Faire

Body: Skin: LURE – Desire Greenskin* | Eyes: IKON – Deadshine Eyes Crimson (Fiery) | Face Markings: *~*HopScotch*~* Warpaint Dotted & Vision* | Ears: Eclectica – Gargoyle Ears Beastly* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Jay Licorice* | Hands: Slink

Outfit: Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Tatsu Silk Purple* | Boots: ALEGRIA – Minerva Boots Light Gold* | Helmet & Vambraces: Spyralle – Wind Rider Coromell* | Sword: Fallen Arms – For the Living Sword (back sheath)* | Spell Effects & Companion: Cole’s Corner – Powder Puff Hand Dancers (bloody) & Gremlin Fae (purple/black)* 

Poses: Exposeur – Call the Shots 4 | Poise – Vogue 7 | c(Two Cats) Magical 4 


In a world where the dark elves were created by the dragon god of tyranny and all the pale elves were simply mutations of them, adjusted by the other gods, the draconic elves lived on the desert continent of Qalia.

Vietella 2Their society was strictly hierarchical with a great emphasis on the legion and the ranks within it. Their leader was a queen, although otherwise they had gender equality: too busy to rank their citizens based on the purity of the blood to worry about genders. The respect that the strength of dragon-blood in one’s veins carried and the scandal for its thinness or lack was an elemental part of the culture.

Vietella 3Vietella Varayel was born and raised as the heiress of a noble house. She was taken care of and taught by slaves, her noble mother seeing her once a year, her esteemed father evaluating her worthiness and value when she turned ten and assigning a psionicist teacher to her at that point. Her talents in mindreading magic were only one part of her education though: there was history, tactics, diplomacy, plotting, scheming, etiquette, seduction and the fine art of smiling while backstabbing your enemies. True draconic virtues.

Vietella 1Her life took a sharp turn when her House was betrayed — another true draconic tradition — and destroyed by their rivals. The only reason why she managed to escape was that the leader of the mercenary House overseeing that no one escapes knew her and had a weakness for her. He hid her and in time introduced her as his sister. She put her talents in use to raise this fledgling House to power to one day claim her revenge.

That is how it started. After that it was roleplaying and co-leading a guild in a mmorpg called Vanguard. Vietella was a wonderful character to roleplay and I enjoyed the game immensely. The reason why I’m blogging about her suddenly is that Pancake from Renoobed set a blogger challenge about roleplay-characters: make one (old or new) and write a biography. In Vie’s case the problem was that there’s no way I can fill even basic information in this tiny space nor even dream of touching any of the actual roleplay that went on, but I had to try. So much nostalgia.

Scene: Garden of Dreams – The Desert & The Bedoin Tent*

Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Roza The Arcade Gacha Events 05 | Eyes: NoirOptix – Pale Violet Eyes Large | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Hair: Tekeli-li – Wyrmling Silver | Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Seelie Ears*

Outfit: Dress & Choker: eXxEsS – Nocturna Blue | Gloves: Blacklace – Black Satin Gloves | Dragon: Isle of Wyrms – Shadow Dragon Familiar | Particle Magic: Fallen Gods Inc. – Ring Particle Makers (edited to purple)

Poses: Exposeur – Advent Gift 17 | Amacci – Male Stand11b | Amato – pose play 04

Seven Years of Ennui

And Lassitude. That’s right, Lassitude & Ennui has been seven years on the grid now and to celebrate the occasion there’s a blogger challenge of the oldest, newest and most favourite item of yours that came from Jackal’s hands. I couldn’t decide, so I built a shoe spire out of some of my favourites.

Seven Years of EnnuiThe lowest and the top ones are the ones I’ve walked in the most. The Flutter knee boots appear with mini skirts and tights on me every autumn and early spring and the Selene boots on top go with anything from cutesy to steampunk to gothic, depending on the colour. I went for blue and white for these pictures since it’s December 6th, Finland’s Independence Day. Nothing to do with me simply liking blue and white, no. Never. The Sugarskull boots represent the newest ones and they are available in the gacha in Unhinged Festival. The shiny Holly dress is one of the new holiday dresses by Bilo and they’re limited editions, available only for this December.

Seven Years of Ennui 2The jewelry above is my oldest Lassitude & Ennui item: the Signature necklace. I wore it constantly in my newbie days and it’s still beautiful. I’d also like to point out the Jackal-makeup by Beautiful Freak, named after Miss Ennui herself. Familiar curves and dots, hm? The Sinless skin is from a Glam Affair gacha in The Arcade, fittingly white for all this winter.

Scene: Surroundings: Garden of Dreams – Winter Cabin* | Shoe Spire from top: Lassitude & Ennui – Selene, Sugarskull, Prudence, Phoebe and Flutter*

Body: Skin: Glam Affair – Renee Sinless 02 RAV | Eyes: Poetic Colors – Aurora | Lashes: Redgrave – 39 – Luscious | Makeup: Beautiful Freak – Jackal Eyes Blue* | Hair: Alice Project – Willow Low Mirror* 

Outfit: Dress: Bilo – Holly Silver* | Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui – Boudoir Mules Silver* | Jewelry: Lassitude & Ennui – Signature Set Silver

Pose: aDORKable Poses – 1 of 25 2012



Steam for Five Hundred

There’s another 500L Avatar Challenge going on and they are always so much fun that I had to poke at it. The idea is to make a new avatar under 500L, everything used must be available and accessible now, so you cannot use old hunt prizes and such. The last time I made a sorceress, a goth and a rocker, so this time I focused on steampunk. I like doing something out of the norm casuals for these challenges, because roleplayers need shopping guides, too! The clothes and goggles took most of the budget, but they were so worth it. The pants and the jacket can be found in League’s discount area upstairs and the goggles are by Grim Bros., because you can’t talk about SL steampunk and not mention them. The jewelry by KOSH was just 2L altogether (from their discount basement) and the hair (Exile), shoes (lassitude & ennui) and the lipstick (M.O.C.K. Cosmetics) are freebies. The skin is a group gift by bilo (50L to join the group) and I used it for both characters. The other girl being a more doll-styled gaslight romance heroine. The dress is an old Steam Hunt gift by Orquidea, but fortunately it’s for sale in the shop and thus still available. I love all their hunt gifts, it’s a delightful store. The cutesy ribboned pigtails are a group gift by Lo*momo (group free to join) and I got tattoo lashes by *BOOM* for 25L to add to the skin’s makeup. Eyes are from KOSH’s discount room, just 1L. Speaking of lassitude & ennui, there’s plenty of wonderful footware perfect for steampunk when you’re not trying to build a whole avatar with 500L. These Miss Dandy shoes were very affordable on the Marketplace, though, so both my girls wear Jackal’s things! The stockings are a freebie by *Sheer*. I picked the poses from my regular HUDs, so no guarantees about their prices. The location is of course New Babbage, an excellent stop for a newbie steam personage.

Adventurer Credits: 483L
Shape: self made
Skin: bilo – Pixie (Nasreen Skin Preview) – Group Gift (50L)
Hair: Exile – Eva/blackberry – freebie
Lipstick: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Sahne Bitter Chocolate – Wearable Demo
Jacket: League – Leather Jacket (195L)
Pants: League – Wild Angel Leather Pants (125L)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Laudanum Shoes black/silver – freebie
Necklace: KOSH – Rapture Necklace – 1L
Earrings: KOSH – Rapture Earrings – 1L
Goggles: Grim Bros. – Sepia Gogglets – 111L

Dolly Credits: 426L
Shape: self made
Skin: bilo – Pixie (Nasreen Skin Preview) – group gift (50L)
Hair: Lo*momo – GroupGift (Apr 2012) – still available, group free to join
Eyes: KOSH – Crystalline Eyes 8 – 1L
Tattoo lashes: *BOOM* – Love my eyes Liner and Mascara medium – 25L
Dress: Orquidea – Steampunk Doll – 200L
Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Miss Dandy Bronze Gears Shoes – 150L
Tights: *Sheer* – Zebra Tights – freebie

Poses: Glitterati – Drink 4 / aDORKable Poses – Love Gun II GroundSit 2 / Art Body Store – My Cute Wings 09 / WetCat – Modeller 4

Fancy Chair

There’s been plenty of swooning about this Men Sitting in Fancy Chairs tumblr lately and for a good reason! It’s like pin-ups for the geek girls: no mindless muscle-men, but men of class, intelligence and charisma. Seated comfortably in the symbol of power, the descendant of throne, the fancy chair. Ely started a blogger challenge about it, complete with a Flickr group, so of course I had to play with this. Even when my chair did not come with a David Tennant, alas. I’d accept a clone, I’m not (that) picky!

As is obvious, I entertained myself a lot with filters. I wanted to try and match the mood of the picture to the fedora-and-pinstripe class of a slightly wicked variety. Speaking of pinstripe, there should be more of that in SL: it’s super fun material that looks good on either gender. I was delighted to find it as an option in these new mesh boots by Dilly Dolls and built the look around them. By the way, this fancy chair is a gift in the LAQ Decor subscribo, in case you want one of your own.

Credits – Scene: Chair: LAQ Decor – Basic Mesh Lounge Chair – Grey – subscribo gift | Room: Glitterati – Blind. | Pose: Olive Juice – Kaira

Credits – Body: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Ginger Chocolate Makeover | Hair: lamb. – Bang Bang – Ink 

Credits – Outfit: Top: VC Designs – Pinstripe Doll Corset Top | Pants: Doppelganger Inc. – Woodcutter’s Overalls Charcoal | Boots: Dilly Dolls – Lani Pinstripe Boots Dark Black | Hat: *~*Illusions*~* Carmen Fedora Hat | Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Silver Drop with Jet (large) | Tie: Miel – Re Tie for girls

Something Old, Something New

I wasn’t going to blog today, but then I bought a coat. Then I needed a fun place to pose in. Then I glanced at the Great SL Photo Hunt list and… well, here we are. Three themes in two pictures: #76 something old and #77 something new, both happening in a version of #9 you at the Eiffel Tower.

The traditional Eiffel Tower is situated in Les Champs-Elysees and I paired it with this gorgeous Dark December dress by Dare Designs. It is at the moment in one of his Fashion for Life vendors, so go shop while the event is still running! I’d also like to point out that Lassitude & Ennui stays in style through the centuries: both girls are wearing Jackal’s boots!

The more modern version of Eiffel Tower can be found here. It’s called Eiffel Tower 2012 and it’s created by Colpo Wexler. It was quite a sight and contrast to the old Paris sim. As for the coat — that is the thing that started this all. New mesh trench coats by Aoharu. I want more mesh clothes that go for the slinky shape instead of adding poofy layers over the system shape. So much love. ❤

Fashion for Life: Dress: Dare Designs – Dark December* | Jewelry: Tres Beau – It’s Time Set

Old Eiffel: Hair: Sky Everett – Kiera | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Selene Black* | Umbrella: Weather or Not? – Wrought Iron Umbrella | Pose: E.inK – Umbrella/Balloons

New Eiffel: Hair: Dura – *+JENOVA’s+* & **Dura**(Black) | Coat: Aoharu – Leather Trench Coat Red | Tights: Sheer – Zebra Tights | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Flutter Raven* | Lipstick: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Opal Lipcolor Persian Red | Pose: DARE – Field Flower

Both: Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic – frozen silver (m) bright | Lashes: Redgrave -39- Luscious

*complimentary copies

Donna Flora A to Z: O for Opera

A few days ago Cajsa Lilliehook approached her timeline in Plurk with a question if any bloggers wanted to be in a Super Secret Project. Obviously I volunteered immediately. Once I heard what it was all about, I was even more excited. All of us volunteered bloggers would cover Squinternet Larnia’s gorgeous work, going through the whole alphabet of it. I wanted letter C for reasons that soon become obvious, but since it was taken at that point, I picked O and finally had the excuse to buy this Opera Skull jewelry set.

It’s a breathtakingly pretty cameo set of extravagance — with the cameo lady being a skeleton! Vintage couture never married goth so well as here. The set comes with the collar, ring and earrings.

The reason I originally wanted C was this Cage outfit. It’s one of those ‘not possible in RL’ creations that I so love. I pondered doing nude shots with the jewelry, but eventually gave up and just bought this as well, just tried to keep the focus on the jewelry. I had to show it off, though! It makes my steampunk couture instincts squee.

I played around with depth of field to focus on the ring some more and I rather liked the effect.   Sometimes it really takes me by surprise how much you can achieve with SL graphics.

You can find all these pretties in Donna Flora. I picked more surreal couture with a dash of goth for my look, but she features gorgeous vintage of several eras and breathtaking showpieces of jewelry. As for Cajsa’s original post and a list of the other letter blog posts, you can find them here.


Skin: Glam Affair – Layla Light skin – my sweet vampire D HB | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic – frozen silver (m) bright | Lashes: Redgrave – 39- Luscious | Hair: Sky Everett – Lady Saelanar (CAHH 2010) | Tattoo: White Widow – Dream Black w/eyeshadows | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Morado Otoro Makeover [eye/lip 2] | Jewelry: Donna Flora – Opera Skull Set | Outfit: Donna Flora – Cage | Poses: Diesel Works – Julie12 /aDORKable Poses – 16 of 25 / Purple Poses – AngelApoca01 /Astalianda – Shinies 5 | Building: Zacca – Dear  ::SwayLand Butterfly Hunt::

Outside Whose Norm, Exactly?

I spotted this challenge in Plurk and first it made me cheer, then it made me confused.

“I was thinking that it would be a fun challenge for you to do something out of the norm for a day. Do something that is uncharacteristically you! Try sci-fi, steampunk, grunge, burlesque, etc. Step outside your comfort zone and show us what you can do!” – Adorkable Peapod

I’m all for seeing everyone doing sci-fi and steampunk and burlesque and and… waitaminute, I blog those things all the time! Obviously I can’t do those for this challenge if it’s what I mostly do. So, after  a moment of pondering I realized I will have to blog casuals. Not just Sonya’s usual hang-out clothes which are sort of… near-vintage with a dash of couture, but like… jeans, tee-shirts, hoodies, shoes without heels! End of the world as we know it!

To complete the opposite factor, I took the pictures in a studio instead of in the world. Without props. I had to do -something- besides just stand there, though, so I played with projectors for fun extra shadows! I couldn’t bring myself to spend lindens for this, but fortunately I’m half-hamster and I had enough stuff in my inventory. I had to try and add something of my own taste into it, so tadah: bunny and coffee!

Most of the things are either not available anymore or old hunt gifts, but do take note of the skin. It’s the latest group gift by Mynerva, and it’s absolutely adorable. (I felt like I was borging Ely, though. Clone all the friends!) The format of the lower picture is one of my favourite versions to -read- when I’m browsing fashion blogs. I blog for the joy of character creation and the challenge of story-and-mood-expressing pictures myself, but for the actual shopping ‘lookit-awesome-new-things-on-grid’ blogs this is awesome. Shows the details. My most favourite version is of course the pictures that blur the line between screenshot and art and promise a story, but if we all blogged the same way, the feeds would be very dull. Hurray for personality differences!

After this challenge I can really tip my invisible hat to all those people who shoot in studio and still make pictures interesting. It’s truly a challenge!


Skin: ~Mynerva~Group Gift~Sara Pure | Eyes: Poetic Colors – classic – frozen silver (m) bright | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Shadow Brown Winterberry 1 [eyeshadow only] | Hair: Dark Mouse – Sydney/Red4 | Hoodie: Acid & Mala – Bunny Hoodie | Jeans: Ducknipple – Faded Blue | Boots: COCO Designs – Flat Ankle Boots Black | Ring: .( bewildebeest ). – Good Morning! Ring | Bag: Sweet Leonard & Needful Things – Lonely Bird Bag | Poses: Croire – Shy Geek 1 | Glitterati – Long Hair 3-9

Funny Freebies

There’s a thread Show your Freebie Style in SLUniverse forums that I’ve wanted to post in for quite some time now, but never seemed to have the time to go hunting. It’s a challenge to make an avatar completely free, not even dollarbies allowed. It’s also a discussion about the best freebie places, blogs and resources. Definitely worth a see-and-read~

I wanted to make avatars I usually don’t play with and also to blog something I hadn’t already blogged in previous freebie posts. This is what I ended up with! Miss Pink Freebie and Miss Red Freebie, nods toward kawaii and rock.

I took both of them to Mysterious Wave for more pictures, because this is really the most enjoyable part of blogging for me: playing with settings, lighting, poses and environment.

Miss Pink Freebie’s outfit is a combination of a xmas outfit by xxYOMESHOUJOxx and pants by DCNY (from FabFree Station). The wintry hat + hair combo is a group gift by *BC322 (group free to join) and worry not, although I went to unfamiliar directions of pink with this, there were more normal colours included.

Miss Red Freebie has skin by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics — it’s a part of the Valentine’s hunt going on at the moment and won’t be a freebie afterwards. The make-up from the same brand is a freebie from FabFree Station, though. The hair is a group gift by (red)Mint (group free to join), the bracelets are free in Amorous’s shop, the croc pants are free in Sn@tch’s basement and the corset is a part of a group gift dress in World’s End Garden. I grabbed boots and bodysuit from the group gift wall of COCO Designs and added them to the look.

The skin with the heart on the cheek is from Mother Goose’s lucky board. The slight eye make-up I added is by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics from Seraphim’s headquarters. Both eyes are by Poetic Colors, Miss Red has the current freebie. The freebie pair changes every now and then.

I felt like cropping this one weirdly, it was all about the birds…

Miss Pink Freebie: Skin: Mother Goose’s – Ai | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics (Seraphim) – Shadow Pink Winterberry | Hair & hat: *BC322 – Knit Cap Gift (pink) | Pants: DCNY (FabFree) – Salmon Wash Jeans | Sweater & boots: xxYOMESHOUJOxx – Xmas Outfit

Miss Red Freebie: Skin: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Sonia | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics (FabFree) – Licorice Whips Makeover | Hair: (red)Mint – Hair No. 20 | Eyes: Poetic Colors – autumn moon | Corset: World’s End Garden –  Le Dernier Lamento | Pants: Sn@tch – Backstage Croc Pants (purple) | Bodysuit: COCO Designs – Sheer Bodysuit | Boots: COCO Designs – Flat Ankle Boots (Black) | Bracelets: Amorous – You

Poses: aDORKable Poses: Chill 7 for both first and second pictures, Niqotine: Cutesy13, Estetica: Junk in my Trunk, aDORKable Poses: 3 of 25 and aDORKable Poses Chill 8.

Newbie Style Challenge II

I love these challenges, making complete avatar looks for free or with very few lindens. Gogo of JuicyBomb is running her second challenge with this theme and I decided to hop on board and join in. If you want to see what other people have come up with, check the comments of the challenge rules post~

Obviously I can never do anything easy and simple, so I made three avatars of various styles. I also wanted to stay away from main stream, so to speak, although only one of my newbie avatars is fantasy-based. Yes, I know. You may faint now.

I stalked several lucky chairs, picked up some freebies every girl should have and grabbed some group gifts. Two of the three skins are bought and in addition I bought a packet of make-up to complete the look. Except for some dollarbies, that’s all. There are so many ways to get Awesome Stuff in SL that no female avatar can possibly use the excuse of not having money to spend.

Starting from the left, we have a purple elf sorceress!

The skin with the make-up, ears and the lip stripe are all by The Plastik. There’s a sale going on there at the moment and the Ataciara-Elven-Nautical packet cost 349L. This comes with several make-ups, cleavage- and freckle-options, extra make-ups in tattoo layers, elf ears in the right tone and a big box of eyes. I don’t actually know how much the price will be after the sale is over and it will probably be more than the limit for this challenge (aka 550L per avatar), but I figured it was a good showcase about how well joining groups and reading blogs can help in shopping. Stay informed and enjoy the sales!

The outfit, most of the jewelry and the staff are from a lucky chair in *Deviance*, one of the must-visit shops for fantasy. The eyes by Repulse and the ourobouros bracelets by Tekeli-li are both dollarbies from the Marketplace. Possibly available in-world as well, but that’s where I grabbed them from. Hair is a freebie by Exile. The price for the elfie was thus 351 lindens.

I obviously -had- to make a goth girl. I started building her by visiting the Dressing Room and grabbing the lovely pale Ginevra-skin by *YS&YS* from there for mere 70L. I added glamrock make-up by Nuuna to it, the whole packet of them in various colours was only 100L. The small star under her eye is from a freebie, also by Nuuna. The outfit (dress, shoes, hat, gloves, collar) is a mix of  group gifts from World’s End Garden (group free to join). I also took all three girls there to take the pictures, although I’m obviously using a different windlight for each.

Hair is another freebie from Exile and the eyes are a freebie by Roly-Poly. Exile’s freebie hairs are available in-world, but I picked the eyes from the Marketplace. Speaking of the Marketplace, I also grabbed three freebie packets of poses by E.inK from there, just to keep with the freebie theme. I used them in all of the pictures except those with furniture poses like the gothic birdcage ones above. The price for the goth girl is 170 lindens.

I wanted to make something more casual as well and ended up stalking the lucky boards in Sn@tch. This outfit is a mix of the loots that I got, including the top, pants, fishnet undershirt and the legwarmers and shoes, all for free. Ivey changes the prizes in the lucky boards often, so there’s always some new things to grab: recommending it warmly.

The skin is by Mother Goose, result of another lucky board stalking session. There’s tons of them in there and they’re set for three minutes. Cute skins fast and for free, perfect for any newbie! I added the above-mentioned make-up by Nuuna to it, as well as freebie eyes by Poetic Colors. The hair with the hat is yet another Exile-freebie.

I prepared three pics of each girl to have some pruning room and then twitched for forever because I wanted to post them all, sigh. I managed to resist the temptation with the other two, but with Red here… I just couldn’t decide between these three, so have an extra one! Oh, and her price is 100 lindens. Take off the make-up and she did not cost one single linden.