The Surfaces of Light

Sometimes the sea is lit from above. The light slides lower within the waves like it had a will of its own, like it was stretching or reaching. Like it is calling.
watersprite1bsThere’s sparkles there, dancing patterns, delightful in their motions, alluringly restless and alive. The calm steady embrace of the sea feels too quiet, the soft glow of the plants too subtle, even the rougher currents of the storms too steady.


Sometimes when the light reaches down, I reach back. I glide higher, feeling it envelope me, taking my hand, pulling me higher. I can hear its whispers and all the warnings of my elders fade away.


Up there — up here — everything is light! The colours, the strange water around me called air; so delicate, thin and light to move through. The colours overwhelm me, the dancing bright things floating higher… always higher. Just like I did, reaching for the surface despite warnings.


I wonder, if I reached even higher, would my gliding reach another surface, break another barrier, bring me to yet another lighter place? How many surfaces are there? How many worlds can we find if we just keep on swimming up? Always, always up.

It is the fifth day of Fantasy Faire, the first busy weekend is behind us and therefore this is now the perfect time to go shopping. Remember that you can window shop all the RFL vendors in here!

Fairelands Junction is mostly an underwater mer-realm this year. It is also sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron, so its landscaping includes plenty of sea flora from the Cauldron. You can go shop for fantasy plants of your very own in Wildehaven Marsh. The little sea sprite is the latest petite avatar in the Faire-exclusives by Fallen Gods Inc. The older petite Faire-exclusives are also available for the duration of the Faire, all set in Odyssey. All the mer poses are by Yo Bailo and can be found in Wildehaven Marsh.

Scene: Fairelands Junction by Saiyge Lotus at Fantasy Faire | Plenty of Sea Flora: Cerridwen’s Cauldron

Sprite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Sea Sprite* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Orion Petite Hair Aquatic

Poses: Yo Bailo – Mer Pose 13, 6I, 7r

Blogger Challenge: My New Shiny

“Do try these eggs,” the nixie boy said. “They’re from creatures that live only here in the Blackwater Glenn. The snail is especially tasty.”


“…things look swirly,” the rainbow fairy exhaled after having a nibble. “‘n funny coloured. Oh look, there’s glowing spirals dancing in the air!”


“Just you wait… a few moments more and things are even brighter,” the nixie boy smirked. The helper hare raised his lantern in acknowledgment and agreement.


And then… and then everything went really swirly and colourful and strange. Blackwater Glenn had a new mushroom growing within it.


Take heed when traveling in the Glenn, don’t touch glowing mushrooms and never, ever eat snacks offered by tricksy nixies!

There’s only few more days to go of this year’s Fantasy Faire, so I decided to do one of the challenges. Slightly embarrassing if I wouldn’t, since I set them all. All of my posts are pretty much Faire Folk, but this one is about new shinies: shops that are new to the blogger or thought to be new to the reader. As my genuine new shiny I present to you Polenth’s Mushporium, a shop that sells only mushrooms! Tiny avatars for the silly ones and beautiful landscaping ones for the serious people. You can find the shop in Wiggenstead Mooring. I’d also like to point out Gwen’s Hearth that sells noms of many kinds and many sizes and AnkleBiter that sells wonderful wares for the petites, both can be found in Sanctum.

The rainbow fairy petite by Fallen Gods Inc., the petite accessories and wings by AnkleBiter and the dubious nixie-offered nom by Gwen’s Hearth are all available in Sanctum. The nixie boy statue and the helper hare by meadowWorks are in Blackwater Glenn and the tiny shroomie avatar and the big purple shrooms in the last picture are from Polenth’s Mushporium in Wiggenstead Mooring. The rest of the scene and mushrooms are by The Looking Glass. The pictures were taken in Blackwater Glenn, but they also do sell the glowy mushrooms in their store in Blackwater Glenn.

Scene: Blackwater Glenn | Nixie & Hare: meadowWorks – Nixie Boy Statue & Bunny Path Light | Noms: Gwen’s Hearth – Fairy Robin Eggs and Snails | Purple Shrooms in Last Picture: Polenth’s Mushporium – Twilight Glow Mushrooms | Everything Else in the Scene: The Looking Glass

Rainbow Fairy: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Anima* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Brigitte Crystal violet | Wings, antenna, accessories: AnkleBiter – Stardust Outfit 

Shroomie: Polenth’s Mushporium – Tiny Avatar Shroomie Purple Art

Poses: Kirin – Florence Pose 7 | Musa – Gown Pose 10 | aDORKable Poses – Sunny 3m

Miss Flake and the Lost Little Bunling

“You see, Miss Flake, the last night’s snowfall was really rather heavy and we think you might have overdone yourself just a dash. Our young’un hopped out to play, but we lost sight of ‘im, because of the white fur and snow and all that, you understand. I said to Pinknose, I said to her, why don’t we talk to Miss Flake. She’s a sensible kind of snow fairy, she is. She’ll help us.”

missflake1cs“Of course I’ll help, Mr. Pokepaw. It is sort of my fault, after all. I danced slightly longer than I was supposed to, but it was just such a perfect weather for it and there was no breeze at all and all the crystals and I- …um. I mean, I’ll go and start searching right away, why won’t I.”

missflake3cs“Mr. Hoowing, any sign of- oh, still naptime. I’m sorry I woke you. Yes, have you seen a tiny white ball of fluff in the snow. Why are you looking at me like that? Oh fine, sure, go back to sleep, I’ll find him on my own!”

missflake4cs“Mr. Yapnose! That bun better still be- oh, but he is. All swaddled cosily, too. What, you were carrying him around with that for safety? No, I’m afraid you can’t keep him, his family is dreadfully worried. Come on then, give the bunny to me. No shifty looks or snarly mutterings!”

missflake5cs“Yesyes, he’s fine. The fox said he was too cute to kill, it’s a great thing you have going there. Now you keep an eye on him better and I’ll promise to dance lighter snowfalls from now on. No more flaking!”

The Frost petite is a new release from Fallen Gods Inc., the lost little bunling is a pocket pet by .Birdy. from a gacha at Chapter Four and Mr. Hoowing and Yapnose are from a gacha at Beetlebones. The bunny family is of course from Happy Mood.

The Wintry Critters: Big Bunnies – Happy Mood | Pocket Bunling – .Birdy. | Owl & Fox – Beetlebones

Miss Flake: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Frost Petite* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Dragon Petite Hair Ethereal

Poses: {Imeka~} – Katie Pose 1 | Exposeur – Underwater 2 | Musa – Fantasy Pose 040 | c( Two Cats ) – Miqo’te 1

The Tree Spirit

The return to the alien planet of glowing plantlife brings us this tiny dryad shaped tree spirit, luminescent and glowing like the plants she embodies.

spiritdryad1bsSentient and curious, the spirits wander from plant to another, peeking at the signs of civilization found underneath the trees. One must wonder what would happen if a dryad would sink their roots in beer such as in the jug here and drink.

spiritdryad2bsPerhaps even finding and picking up pieces of jewelry, adorning themselves on a whim. The starfish and pearls must have been brought to the jungle by bigger humanoids, unless they exist on the alien forest bottom, too.

spiritdryad3bsIf you have ever wished to be a petite — tiny tree spirit or otherwise — there is no better place to begin than Fantasy Faire.

The spirit dryad petites by Fallen Gods Inc. and the dishware by Gwen’s Hearth are both available in Magnificat. The alien plants by Cerridwen’s Cauldron and the jewelry by AZE Jewelry Designs can be found in Titan’s Hollow and the poses by c( Two Cats ) from Evensong Woods.

Scene: Alien Plants: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Paradise Bat Orchids, Gnome Toes, Wisp Mushrooms, Dryad Pitcher Plants | Dishware: Gwen’s Hearth – Egyptian Barley Beer & Fresh Apple Bowl*

Spirit Dryad: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Spirit Dryad* | Jewelry: AZE Jewelry Designs – Petite RFL Starfish & Pearls Set*

Poses: c( Two Cats ) – Magical 3 | Magical 4 | Magical 2*


The petites have been running, skipping, frolicking, flying and flittering around the grid for a year now. To celebrate the occasion there’s the biggest cake ever in the Petite Kingdom with plenty of party games on the second layer and a market for shopping fun on the first.

woodsprite4bsHere’s a peaceful little sapling, slowly meandering through the area, trying not to get too giddy from the root-contact to the sugary floor when she spots an axe. Such a suspicious area with big jar and cage and a cauldron… time to slink away in a hurry! Or whatever pace passes as hurry for trees.

woodsprite1bsAfter escaping from the traps and axe-threat, the little wood sprite had blanched a little and her peaceful runes had turned to red in alarm. She sank her roots into the giant cake reflexively, to draw nourishment and to soothe herself. After that… well, have you ever seen a tree with a sugar-high? Good thing her tiny roots were not settled under anything important.

woodsprite3bsYou can find these petite dryads by Fallen Gods Inc. in the market as well: they’re brand new addition to the petite family and for the duration of the PetitesFest they’re on -30% discount. They come with a HUD that allows you to change the type of wood they are, decide on their makeup, body runes, colour for the outfit and eyes and control whether your little dryad is a PG version or not. You can have several little wood sprites conveniently in one.

Scene: Petite Kingdom

Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Dryad Female*

Poses: Exposeur – When You’re Smiling 3 | Exposeur – Advent Gift 6 F | aDORKable Poses – 4 of 25 2012

Petites Like Shinies, Too

Who wouldn’t? In this case I’m referring to the Crystal Hunt in the recently opened Petite Kingdom. I was tempted to take pictures in the sim because it’s gorgeous, but the lure of playing with the prizes and other shinies won. The crystal that seems so big in this picture is the hunt object. They glow blue and every participating shop has a hint, so it’s really not that difficult. More a fun way to explore the sim than a torture method.

The hunt will clothe and accessorize your petite rather well and provides plenty of furniture, but you do have to have a petite first. If you don’t, the first floating castle has plenty of them for sale. This particular petite is obviously a teenager princess, lounging on the alcove by {Mole End}, wearing G Field’s outfit and Wasabi Pills’ Noriko hair. All three are from the hunt, but the extra jewelry she plays with is not. Those are normal avatar sized shinies by ::: Krystal :::.

Roawenwood had plenty of fun petite furniture in the hunt and this little flower parasol by *Epic* was to squee for. The leaf-and-branches outfit is by Fallen Gods Inc., perfect for tiny dryads. The small skunk by D-Lab is from The Arcade’s gacha event, he just plopped on the chair and refused to move. Would you try to remove a skunk, no matter how cute? Yeah, me neither.

I could not resist. I’m sure you’re all surprised. Anyways! The petite kimono by Naminoke and the hair by Wasabi Pills are from the hunt. The Tee*fy camera that floats because magic — duh — and the ASO! alphabet bracelets spelling bunny are also from The Arcade. Happy Mood bunnies are just their squeetastic selves. Non-specified parts of the scenery are Ely’s awesome landscaping.

Even if you’re not interested in the hunt, Petite Kingdom is well worth the visit for breathtaking views. Go explore and have fun!

Picture 1: Petite Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Elf Pale Natural* | Eyes: al vulo! – Petite2 HeadB Eye rose | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Noriko Petite Crystal Pink | Dress, Wings & Hair Ornament: G Field – Fairy Dress Stella B | Alcove: {Mole End} – Garden of Light Alcove (Petites) | Jewelry: ::: Krystal ::: – Sabina Necklace Silver & Sheltered Heart Earring Platinum*

Picture 2: Petite Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Elf Pale Natural* | Eyes: al vulo! – Petite2 HeadB Eye rose | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Monique Petite Seafoam | Outfit: Fallen Gods Inc. – Fleurs Petite Female | Parasol: *Epic* – -P- Cartoon It! Strange Daisy [Raining] Parasol -Yellow- | Furniture: Roawenwood – Rinky Dink Chunky Rocker & Woodland Stove Set | Skunk: D-LAB – Skunk-head-brown | Pose: LAP – TC-Timid Girl PR4 (+ parasol hand position)

Picture 3: Petite Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Elf Pale Natural* | Eyes: al vulo! – Petite2 HeadB Eye rose | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Noriko Petite Crystal Pink | Outfit: Naminoke – Botan Hagire | Camera: Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Neck  Black | Bracelets: ASO! – AlphabetBrace | Bunnies: Happy Mood – HPMD* StandingRabbit & HPMD* SleepyRabbit white | Pose: LAP – TCM-Oldskool Glam PR4




Tiny Twist

This year plenty of Twisted merchants have added in prizes for petites! The shops have marked these differently, usually have a petite trail sign and I believe the cubes for petites are within 20 meters instead of the 30 meters — mayhaps to accommodate smaller avatars. Ten meters is a long journey! Don’t be fooled by the cute, though… these are twisted petites, no matter how innocent and sympathy-inducing they might appear.

Here we have a seemingly innocent little petite girl cruelly captured in a cage with her obviously charming and good animal friends, right? You’d free her in a heartbeat without asking who put her there and why, I’m sure.

Maybe nothing strange would happen, she’d just lounge on the bed you thought was the captor’s, begin catching up with the latest fey-mail, not that she subscribes to the Malice Monthly or anything, of course…

I’m sure her animal friends hunt only canned tuna, too. Nothing strange and wicked going on in here, never!

The animal friends are all by The Booshies. The one that looks like a turtle is their prize in the Finding FabFree Hunt. All of them belong to the Lil’PetZ collection, shoulder and otherwise collectable pets. They are released in limited amounts in gatchas and I fear these two are already gone and new ones have replaced them, but since they are all no-copy, you can always try trading! There’s a forum thread for trading these little darlings, so you could always try your luck there!

Scene: Background environment: Garden of Dreams – The Cemetery* | Trees: Prism Furniture – Mystical Moons (Twisted Hunt) | Cage: Roawenwood – Twisted Lament Petite Cage (Twisted Hunt)| Bed: Malfean Visions – :{MV}: Darkness Lies Within Bed (Petite) (Twisted Hunt)| Animal companions: The Booshies – (B Lil’PetZ) Felitera, Ibstomp & Girecko*

Body: Petite & Eyes: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petite Crystal Violet* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Orion Petite Mesh Hair (Night Shadow)*

Outfit: Snowpaws – Petite Webwing Outfit (Twisted Hunt)

Poses: First two from furniture poses, third BENT. – ONE. Simply Stillness Appears (available in The Retreat)*

Up to No Good

The undead fey have appeared to accompany their bigger cousins in the Zombie Popcorn Carnival. These petites hail from the island of Selidor, more commonly known as the home of Fallen Gods Inc., but for the duration of the Carnival they are pestering people only there. When the carnival ends, they will grow bored and slink back home to the temple in Selidor.

There was a lot to do at the carnival, sand castles to conquer, big people to glare, souls to steal, earlobes to nom… what? Brains are too big for them! The hair is a new release by Wasabi Pills; this particular colour was available in the 50L Fridays, but the less candied tones are for sale normally. I had to mention it for three reasons: 1) they don’t rig their short styles, so it was easy to shrink to petite size 2) it’s adorable 3) 50L Fridays are back, hurray!

The spectacles by Contraption are also available in the Carnival, and they are fabulously unhinged. They are also modifiable and shrunk beautifully to petite size. Yes, one of the glasses is missing. Yes, they make her look like a pocket-size evil librarian genius. Perfect!

So when you go to the Carnival, make sure you don’t leave your noms on the table or your pet hamsters unguarded, you never know who might be glaring at you from the shadows!

Zombie Popcorn Carnival: Petite Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. – Undead Fey, Decay Clothes* | Glasses: Contraption – Keele’s Spectacle

Other Credits: Hair: Wasabi Pills – Alice Mesh Hair – Chocolate mint | Poses: WetCat – Modeller 2 / Diesel Works – Yash Male 2 / !bang – Stand 130

Dark Doveling

Petites continue their tiny but persistent revolution, taking the grid over one designer at a time. This post is about three of them, but more importantly, it’s about a sad wingless doveling wishing to fly.

This avatar was a cooperation between Fallen Gods Inc. and Yabusaka and it was exclusive to the Fantasy Faire. I apologize blogging such a teaser after you cannot get it anymore, but I was out of country at the time and I just cannot resist how pretty it is, so I hope you all grabbed the chance when you had it!

The outfit is a dollarbie by Blue Blood, who has started petite-sizing their pretty gothic dresses as well, go and see! The surroundings are a hollow log petite fairy home by Sax Shepherd Designs. He also makes pretty petite jewelry, the doveling is wearing Frills Drop Stone Pendant here.

Here the doveling dropped off all the clothes, hoping that it would help her wings grow so she could fly like the big sister, but no such luck. Just a tease of a butterfly. Maybe one day!

Avatar: Fallen Gods Inc. & Yabusaka – Translucent Dove* | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Monique Petite Mesh Hair – Seafoam | Outfit: Blue Blood – Nevermore | Eyes: Adoness – Iridian – Glacier Eyes | Butterfly: LAP – Butt Finger 3 (pose) | Necklace: Sax Shepherd Designs – Frills Drop Stone Pendant (Petite) Silver Sugilite Solid* | Environment: Sax Shepherd Designs – Fantasy Hollow Log Petite Fairy Home* | Poses: Glitterati – Long Hair 3-3 / Astalianda – Up 5 / LAP – Butt Finger 3 (butterfly)

Fading into Blue

Remember the Blue Fairy? She was so miffed about Cousin Sparklewing being in the FF poster that she swore she’d buy all the wings from the Faire! Fortunately she didn’t have to, because Vaengi is giving out pretty-shiny wings in Meandervale and changing their gift every day, go check! I tried to tell her that there are more petite-sized wings for sale, in several shops, but did she listen? Nooo. She wanted the biggest wings EVER. So that’s what she got.

With that I shall also take my leave for a week. RL trip of no internet connection is hugely disturbing my Faire-blogging plans, but what can you do. While I’m gone I’m expecting you all to shop the Faire empty and rescue the world! There’s a quest involving the Faire beginning today, after all…

Fantasy Faire: Wings: Vaengi – Free Ragged Fairy Wings, Combo Jewel 01 

Other Credits: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Crystal Azure Natural | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amendine Petite Mesh Hair Crystal Azure | Dress: Adoness – Lilabellis Baby Blue | Pose: HDL – Muack