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1) What is this blog about?

Stories, whim and fantasy. I consider myself a storytelling blogger. I want my pictures to tell a story, I want to fill in the missing parts with words, I want them to go together. Mostly I blog various fantasy characters, their stories, moments in their lives. There’s often also silly critter adventures that I love dearly, and occasional steampunk or scifi story.

The screenshots are taken in Second Life and then post-processed by me.

2) Which viewer do you use?

The latest official Second Life viewer. I play around with various windlights, shadows and graphical settings a lot.

3) Do you photoshop?

Yes. Unless I very specifically state that a picture hasn’t been touched, you can assume that it has been post-processed.

4) What about review copies?

I haven’t applied to any new events or store blogger lists for years now, I’ve come to the realization that I enjoy blogging much more when it’s all up to my own inspiration and excitement about things without any feel of an obligation. There are some creator friends that still give me items that I mark as review copies when I use them in a post, but I am not actively looking for review copies from new creators.

If you think your items would work perfectly with my stories, please just contact me first with a notecard or im instead of dropping items on me. Include links to your Marketplace or Flickr, blogging rules ‘n such. Give me a chance to become familiar with your work and requirements before saying yes or no.

5) Do you make anything yourself?

Sometimes static poses for blogging help. I don’t have an in-world shop, but that’s what the Marketplace is for. No refunds, but if the Marketplace hiccups and/or SL breaks your items, just send me a notecard with the related transaction history and I’ll send you a new copy.

6) Do you blog anywhere else?

I’ve been the blog manager for Fantasy Faire since 2013, and I also coordinate their bloggers. During the Faire days most of my blogging takes place on their website. I also coordinated the bloggers for Cursed Events from the beginning to the end, and therefore sometimes posted on their blogs: A Clockwork Spiral, A Tattered PageFutureWave, Gothmas by Gaslight and World Goth Fair.

I have also two breedable blogs that have been on lengthy hiatus by now: Cafe Bunneh (Ozimals Bunnies) and Runic Roos (meeroos). These days I tend to just make small picture stories in Flickr: Hijinks and Shenanigans.

7) How can I contact you?

IM Sonya Marmurek or poke me in Plurk.

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